Reign Season 1 Review “Royal Blood”

Royal Blood

Clarissa! Say it isn’t so, Reign, just when we were getting to know our favourite castle ghost for the crazy, desperate and murderous girl she was, Mary decided to whack her former protector over the head before she could slash the throat of a mini-prince. That’s fair enough, we might say, but it’s still slightly disappointing when we imagine all of the wonderful shenanigans she could have gotten up to if she had been kept alive. Then again, that final shot of her body felt awfully ominous, didn’t it?

This episode, ‘Royal Blood’, made us all mighty glad the show was back on our screens post-Olympics, with all of the fast-paced action, scheming and romance that we’ve come to expect from it on a weekly basis. Not only did Bash see fit to get down on one knee for a quickie marriage with Mary, but Francis got his own bit of action by gallantly saving Lola from her brother’s gambling debts and subsequently ‘collecting’ himself. What does this mean? It means it’s a potential love square, folks, but sadly one where one of the four corners has no personality. All I’ll say right now is that Lola is my least favourite lady (though they’re pretty interchangeable), and hope it’s forgotten about.

But leaves the question of where Francis now fits into the story, with Mary and Bash looking pretty solid and having gathered a lot of fans over the last few weeks. We’re all assuming that it’s Mary and Francis for endgame just because of historical fact but, as we have learnt over and over again since the first frame of Reign, historical accuracy has no place here. The writers can do whatever the heck they want, in other words, and if they want Francis to die and Bash to become king, then that’s what we’ll get. Then again, I do think that the way things seem to have settled in court can only be temporary, what with a good portion of season one still to go and a second year confirmed.

What did you think of the episode? Are you sad that Clarissa is no more or ready for a new threat to Mary’s life? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.