Parenthood Season 5 “Just Like Home” Review

Parenthood Season 5 Episode 15 Just Like Home (3)
Goodbye Sochi and welcome back, Parenthood! Admittedly, I was not that excited about where we left some members of the Braverman clan before the start of the Winter Olympics. Fresh off the campaign trail, Kristina was ready to tackle education. Drew was still full of age-appropriate angst and had pretty much allowed his ex-girlfriend to move into his dorm – not exactly the most riveting thing to watch. Camille was deep in wanderlust and I still wasn’t sure that Zeek’s sincere efforts to please his wife would be enough. The former bartender, playwright and current landlord Sarah was beginning to advance in her newest venture – photography. Hank and Max were my favorite pairing. Crosby and Jasmine were happy and handling disagreements much better than they have in previous seasons. Fresh off the heartbreak of losing Ryan, Amber appeared to finally reach a breakthrough in her relationship with her father. Oh and there was all the Joel and Julia drama that is just far too exhausting to rehash.

When its at its best, Parenthood deals depicts real life family struggles head on. No time jumping, no easy fixes and yes, you will need several boxes of Kleenex in preparation for a full season of the show. The first part of this season had no shortage of the tear jerking moments, but I wasn’t as engaged in the various struggles facing the Braverman family. In particular, the Joel/Julia storyline was just all over the place. In last night’s episode, the separation was official and the kids were spending their first weekend at Joel’s new place.

Random observation – did anyone else wonder exactly how lucrative Joel’s new job is? He has a pretty nice place with all the trimmings and I’m guessing he’s still contributing to finances at the family home he shared with Julia, who by the way, remains unemployed. As usual, Victor is sweet and happy to see Joel. Truly her mother’s daughter, Sydney is not thrilled by the situation and spent the weekend being Sydney.

Because of their mold infestation, Jasmine and Crosby have moved into his childhood home. I suspected that Crosby would be upset to learn that Zeek and Camille put the house up for sale. The exchange between Crosby and Zeek was one of my favorites of the episode. Second to that were the scenes at the spa with Kristina and Adam. I also loved that Julia’s siblings came to her side – with wine and takeout to boot. These are the moments I love most on Parenthood.

On the topic of things I don’t love so much, thank goodness for Amber and thank goodness that Drew has finally gotten rid of his shadow. I don’t ever want to see Amy again. Ever. Seriously. No more. I know this is wishful thinking. And then there’s the Hank/Sarah/Carl stuff. Not a fan.

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