‘Lost Girl’ Season 5 Announced by Showcase

Lost Girl Season 3 Anna Silk, Ksenia Solo and Kris Holden Reid

Great news for fans of Lost Girl! Their home network in Canada – Showcase – has announced that the show will be back this fall for a fifth season, consisting of 13 episodes.

While the series is currently airing its fourth season here in the United States on Syfy on Monday nights, the series just came to a conclusion on February 16 in Canada.

‘Lost Girl’ stars actress Anna Silk as Bo, a sexy bi-sexual succubus within the Fae community who feeds off sexual energy and works closely with a unique menagerie of characters, including (but not limited to) Dyson (Kris Holden-Ried), a shapeshifter wolf who is also a local cop, Kenzi (Ksenia Sol), Bo’s human best friend and pseudo little sister, Lauren (Zoie Palmer), a human doctor who until recently worked for the Light Fae (think the good guys in the supernatural world), Hale (K.C. Collins), a male siren who previously worked alongside Dyson as a cop and then became the leader of the Light Fae and Trick (Rick Howland), the owner of the local bar where both Light and Dark Fae are welcome and who just so happens to be Bo’s grandfather.

The fifth season of the series will go into production this spring with the new season planned to roll out on Showcase this fall. Hopefully news will come down from the folks at Syfy that they will be picking up the fifth season for airing on the cabler.

The next new episode of ‘Lost Girl’ is set to air on Syfy here in the United States on Monday, March 3 at 10/9c.

[Source: The Hollywood Reporter]