Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 “Take It Back” Review

Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 13 Take It Back (8)
After a long hiatus and a mid-season finale that ended with several major cliffhangers, Grey’s Anatomy returned last night with “Take It Back.” To the writes credit, they wasted no time wrapping up the loose ends from the mid-season finale – including Jackson’s objection to April’s marriage mid-ceremony. However, in true Shondaland fashion, it took about 20 minutes for the show to then turn everything resolved in the first act completely on its head.

Rather than going chronologically, let’s just look at where the Grey Sloan Memorial doctors ended up by the episode’s end and at least one short time leap:


As most viewers suspected during the first half of the season, April may have loved Matt but she was not in love with him. Although she probably needed the grand gesture from Jackson to give up the comfort and safety Matt represented, it doesn’t make the situation any better for Matt and Stephanie. We didn’t see Matt in the episode, so we will have to wait and see if he quit his job to avoid having to look at the woman who left him at the altar and the man for whom she left him. I would be genuinely surprised if the Grey’s Anatomy writers spared us from that grief and tension. April did indeed get married on her wedding day – to Jackson. The two appear to be doing a great job at keeping their nuptials a secret, but the new hospital policy on relationship guarantees that the cat will be soon out of the bag.


Speaking of cats getting out of the bag, the storyline with the cat man was so odd, but it did provide a few moments of levity. It was pretty funny to see Stephanie tell Callie that the cat was loose. Here’s hoping that Jackson will help him out. Stephanie is still reeling from being dumped by Jackson in a very loud, public manner thanks to him interrupting April’s wedding and declaring his love for her. I’m glad that Stephanie didn’t allow him to assuage his guilt with an apology, particularly after finding out he and April were married. I was actually hoping that Stephanie would choose to leave the program because the cast is already too bloated.

It was not surprise to see Leah go from completely useless and whiny to manipulative and vengeful. Why not? We’ve not gotten a lot of character development, so she may as well continue to be a plot device. I’ve been asking for several seasons why the hospital does not have a policy in place about dating co-workers. These people are always banging each other and it always has ramifications on their professional performance. I’m curious to know if both Leah and Stephanie filed a sexual harassment complaint. I’m not ready to assume that it was even Stephanie who filed the complaint.

After ruining Alex’s father’s heart, Shane was put on a leave of absence and eventually allowed to return to work. We learned a little more about the circumstances under which he botched his last surgery, particularly the tidbit about him not having slept for days. I’m indifferent at best towards Shane. I don’t have any preference as to how this is resolved – I only hope that we don’t have to watch it drag out for a long time. Hopefully Cristina’s talk towards the end of the episode will help.

Like Jo, Alex’s proposal totally went over my head when I watched the mid-season finale. I had no idea that he was proposing to her. I want Alex to be happy. I can’t think of any other character on this show who has suffered so much. I don’t think a fairytale life is necessary, but if he could just find a middle ground that would be nice. Because I’m invested in Alex’s happiness, I’m not sure if Jo is a good fit for him. She has some serious violence/anger management issues to work through and I’m tired of watching Alex help troubled women, only to then be left by them. Let Jo figure out her issues on her own. The best part of Alex’s storyline last night was the reminder of his close bond with Cristina and Meredith. It was nice to be reminded of that, particularly because of Sandra Oh’s impending departure from the series.

The Bailey Family

I really thought that Bailey had continued to be invaded by the body snatchers at the start of the episode. It was painful to hear her dump on Mr. Bailey (forgot his first name again) because he chose to leave his surgical program. It’s not fair for her to bring the baggage of her last marriage into this relationship. I was glad that the two appear to have found a solution that works with Mr. Bailey taking Mousey’s place in the program at Grey Sloan. I’m still annoyed, however, that it took Mr. Bailey having to tell her that he was doing great in his program and how hard it was for him to leave in order for her to soften up.


I guess we were supposed to have better insight into what was bugging Arizona. She needed a fresh start? I don’t know. I just want these two to be happy and if it takes a new house for that to happen, then so be it.

And there you have it, Grey’s Anatomy fans. We’ve got closure from the mid-season finale and a whole new set of problems and conflicts for the second half – including a few potentially interesting revelations about Derek. What did you think of last night’s episode? Sound off below!