Vikings Season 2 Interview: Alyssa Sutherland Discusses What Is Ahead for Princess Aslaug

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Still think Princess Aslaug is a home wrecker?

Then allow the eloquent Alyssa Sutherland, Aslaug’s portrayer, to change your mind. Recently, TV Equals joined a conference call with the Vikings star to discuss her expanded role in season two of History’s hit series, her relationship with Ragnar and how she sees her controversial character. Check out highlights from the interview below, and then tune in tonight, Thursday, February 27th at 10PM on History for the season two premiere “Brother’s War.”

Is Aslaug Really The Other Woman?

Fans had strong opinions about Ragnar’s betrayal of Lagertha last season. When the Viking slept with the Princess Aslaug, she was immediately branded the other woman by viewers. However, Sutherland said she relishes the part, and feels viewers are looking at Aslaug from a 21st century prospective. Polygamy was part of the culture of the time, and Sutherland noted that as far back as the series premiere Lagertha warned her husband not to sleep with too many women while he was away.

Sutherland expressed her protectiveness and love for her character, as well as her joy at being thrust into a complex love triangle. “I became an actress to provoke people and to move people, so to tell these kind of stories to me, when it’s still quite early on in my acting career, and to have such a complicated storyline full of conflict is so cool,” Sutherland said.

Aslaug’s Season Two Arc

While there won’t be a drastic change in Aslaug’s personality in season two, fans will get to see new sides to the character. “She goes through a hell of a ride,” Sutherland promised. Her journey will begin to really pick up in episode five. Sutherland teased there are two big events ahead for Aslaug this season that viewers will be able to relate to. Additionally, Aslaug’s role as a seeress will also come into play this season. Although, Sutherland is unsure whether the magical scenes are meant to be real or simply what the people of the time believed they were seeing.

She and Lagertha will also form an interesting bond with its share of ups and downs. The complexity of the women’s situation seemed to delight Sutherland. She was also quick to point at how much she enjoys working with her fellow actresses and how the show creates layered female characters. “Obviously, Lagertha is just an exceptional character. It’s so awesome to see this badass woman going around and fighting alongside men. Then Auslag being this really strong, smart princess, I love the idea that we get that opportunity,” Sutherland said of playing the fascinating characters.

On Aslaug and Ragnar

Aslaug shows up in the premiere with a big surprise for Ragnar that is about to be delivered (it’s no secret the Princess is going to give Ragnar another heir), and her presence upsets his family’s dynamic drastically. However, as the season progresses Aslaug and Ragnar’s relationship will evolve in interesting ways.

“I think when they first meet there is a lot of chemistry and this great matching of wits,” Sutherland explained. “When you have that sort of intelligent connection with someone it is a really attractive thing, and I think initially that is what happened between the two of them. Then reality settles in and they realize they’ve gotten themselves into a little bit of a pickle.”

As the season progresses expect jealousy to be an issue for Aslaug. Her need to always stay ahead of everyone else could also cause problems for the couple, but her trust issues come from an honest place: since she was orphaned at a young age, she is protective of herself and her family. “She was orphaned herself and she’s going to make damn sure that won’t happen to her children,” Sutherland said. Aslaug always believed she would meet a “strong, powerful man,” so as far as she knows, she and Ragnar were fated for one another.

As for where Ragnar and Aslaug are heading in season two, Sutherland would only say where they end up is “awesome.”

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