The Tomorrow People Season 1 Review “Brother’s Keeper”

Things are not always as they seem. That was pretty much the takeaway from this episode of The Tomorrow People. Actually, there were several takeaways from this episode, but we’ll just leave it at things are not always as they seem.

Stephen is still trying to figure out how to balance his two separate (and increasingly dangerous) lives. Now that he’s found out that Marla is also a tomorrow person, he’s kind of miffed that she kept the truth from him. He’s even more upset that she kept shoving pills down his throat and letting him believe that he was going crazy. He makes a valid point. But now, everything is out in the open and the only person who seems to still be in the dark is Luca. I don’t know how safe that is for him, but I’ll just let it ride for now. Marla wanted to pack up and get out of town, but Stephen refused. He’s taken up the fight and he wants to stay. Stephen seems to believe that if he can figure out how to get an edge on Ultra, then he will be able to keep the people he cares about safe. I don’t know how well that’s going to work out in the long run, but for the moment, it seems that he’s succeeded. That being said, Stephen would do well to stay on his toes around Jedikiah. And don’t trust him. The Founder may be dangerous and a liar, but Jedikiah is no better.

I honestly do not know what to make of Jedikiah. He is a question mark, wrapped in an enigma, wrapped in a taco. He is simultaneously strong and weak; invincible and vulnerable; detached and warm; fearless and terrified; powerful and helpless. At any given moment, you never know which version of Jedikiah is going to appear. Thus, it’s difficult to put him squarely in the ‘bad guy’ category, but then he can’t exactly go in the ‘good guy’ category either. He is an interesting and complex character. He wants to protect the human race from what he believes to be the imminent threat of the tomorrow people, but at the same time, he’s a scientist and he’s intrigued by this new species. He wants to find out what he can about them and how they can be of benefit to the human race. However, as this episode revealed, it runs even deeper than that. I said in one of my reviews toward the beginning of the season that it seemed like Jedikiah’s dedication to wiping out tomorrow people seemed rooted and grounded in something much deeper than just protecting the human race. I had a feeling that his driving force had a lot to do with his brother and some jealousy issues. It looks like I wasn’t wrong. He pretty much revealed his feelings when he was talking to the assassin. But that wasn’t even the biggest reveal. The major reveal was that Jedikiah has been keeping Roger’s body on ice so that he can do a power transfer. My question is, why? Does Jed want to become a tomorrow person? Why would he want that? What’s his endgame? Is he secretly trying to continue Roger’s effort to take down The Founder? So many questions! I must, once again, give Mark Pellegrino props for his portrayal of Jedikiah. He takes a character that could, in the hands of a lesser actor, turn into a one-note, mustache-twirling villain and makes him into a complex, layered, enigmatic, interesting character for whom I can’t really find a category.

Now let’s talk about Cara. Where to start with Cara? She continues to make bad decisions, and this time she actually got someone killed. Granted, he was one half of an assassin team, but he was a person nonetheless. Furthermore, Cara stepped over the line in a big way. Let’s start with her poor decision-making. Stephen got back to the Lair and he was appalled to find that Cara had kicked John out. Stephen lit into her about how much of a bad idea it was (even Russell didn’t agree with her kicking John out), but Cara stuck to her guns and claimed that John wanted to leave anyway. Remember it however you like honey, but the truth is, she kicked John out because he wouldn’t blindly follow her (bad) orders. Stephen pretty much served as the voice of the audience when he said that Cara is stubborn and in way over her head. The most pressing issues with Cara’s leadership are: (1) she thinks she knows everything, (2) she refuses to admit when she’s made a mistake, and (3) she allows her personal feelings to guide her decisions instead of making a choice based upon what is best for the group. Cara doesn’t listen. She didn’t listen to John, and she doesn’t listen to Stephen or Russell. She decides what she wants to do, and whether it’s a good idea or not, she does it. That’s not good.

She and Ultra were both tracking a breakout who (it appeared) could kill. Stephen initially thought that maybe it was someone who survived the same procedure as John, but as it turns out, this was a set of twins working together. One of the twins was a tomorrow person and he would teleport his brother, who was human, into places to do the hits. Pretty good plan. Not that I condone murder for hire though. Ok. Moving on. Cara sent the tomorrow person half of the assassin team to take a gun into Ultra so that the assassins could kill Jedikiah. And that’s the point at which Cara went too far. I get that she wants the war to be over. I get that she wants to protect the tomorrow people, but at what cost? She sent those boys to kill another person, and she did it without any remorse or any second thoughts. How does that make her any different or any better than Jedikiah and his ilk? John called her on her bad behavior too, and he was absolutely right. Cara is more interested in taking down Jedikiah than she is in protecting the tomorrow people. She wants Jedikiah dead, not because it would end the war, but because she personally wants it. Like I said, Cara is a very bad leader and I wonder what it’s going to take for the tomorrow people to realize that they made a mistake voting John out.

All in all, pretty solid episode. It took The Tomorrow People a handful of episodes to find its footing, but I think they’ve hit a pretty good stride. The story has pretty much pulled me in, and I am interested to see where all of this is leading. Will Stephen realize that Jedikiah has been lying about Roger this whole time? What does Marla plan to do now other than sit around wringing her hands about Stephen? Will Cara finally admit that she’s not the one that should be leading the tomorrow people? And most importantly, when does Stephen ever even go to school? Seriously, the kid never cracks open a book. So what did y’all think of this week’s The Tomorrow People?

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