Rake Season 1 Review “Jury Tamperer”

Rake Episode 6 Jury Tamperer (1)

This week’s episode of Rake was all about manipulation. Kee almost fell flat on his face this week if it wasn’t for Ben. The episode gave us some insight into their friendship for the first time this season. From the beginning they didn’t make sense. After tonight you can see how they balance each other out and rally for one another. Kee tells Ben to sleep with his wife and Ben tells Kee not to sleep with his client. Especially his latest, Lucy Marks. Kee misjudged Lucy, who took him for a ride all to try and get her daughter freed from prison.

While the case was at the center off the episode, it was Kee’s other issues that were more interesting. The explosive scene involving Maddy, Finn, Kee and Finn’s teacher was one of the most laughable moments of the night. Kee getting caught with his client, Maddy chasing after Finn’s teacher calling her a few colorful names, and Kee and his advice to Finn about not falling in love. It was enough to prompt Maddy to pay a cabbie to get Kee off of her front lawn and away from their son. But if your a fan you keep routing for Kee and find it hard not to see his twisted humility shine through. He tried hard to make things right, but they continuously get fumbled. Whether it be threatening Finn’s teacher or throwing a wrench in Lucy Marks’ plans, Kee can’t catch a break. The result brings us endless scenarios where Kee is stuck between a rock and a hard place and watching him try to free himself is pretty funny.

Ben, however, finally grew a spine this week and took the reigns at the firm. He showed the seasoned lawyers who was boss and even saved Kee’s behind. He also offered him a job. Does anyone else see this as a bad idea? What did you think of ‘Jury Tamperer’? Leave your comments below.