On TV Tonight, Thursday, 02/27/14: Vikings, The Red Road and More

TV Equals Midseason 2014 Thursday

Our Picks

Community – 8pm NBC
Mr. Hickey and Abed are hanging out this week. My excitement level for this event is just this side of disturbing. Jonathan Banks has been owning his Community role this season and with Troy gone, Abed needs a new buddy to interact with, so why not make it a curmudgeonly, awesome one?

Vikings – 9pm History
The battle scene at the beginning of Vikings season two is epic. I know that word is overused, but nothing else can describe it. Even the emotional impact of watching two brothers fight for opposing sides is enthralling. Season one was good, but season two of Vikings might end up being great. Don’t miss out on the beginning, you will definitely regret it if you do.

The Red Road – 9pm SundanceTV
New Sundance series alert. The network has a stellar track record so far, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the new Jason Momoa-led series The Red Road can live up to Rectify and Top of the Lake.


8 PM – 9 PM

Countdown to the Oscars – 8pm ABC

The Big Bang Theory – 8pm CBS

American Idol – 8pm Fox

The Vampire Diaries – 8pm CW

The Millers – 8:30pm CBS

Parks and Recreation – 8:30pm NBC

9 PM – 10 PM

Grey’s Anatomy – 9pm ABC

Rake – 9pm Fox

Reign – 9pm CW

Two and a Half Men – 9pm CBS

Hollywood Game Night – 9pm NBC

Under the Gunn – 9pm Lifetime

The Crazy Ones – 9:30pm CBS

Anger Management – 9:30pm FX

10 PM – 11 PM

Elementary – 10pm CBS

Parenthood – 10pm NBC

Scandal – 10pm ABC

Portlandia – 10pm IFC

King of the Nerds – 10pm TBS

(Please note: The image grid at the top is the default Midseason 2014 schedule and might not always represent what is currently airing tonight. Please make sure to look at the list below to get the most up to date information.)