Justified Season 5 Review “Raw Deal”


This week’s episode of Justified exemplified what I love about the show – Raylan was at his sardonic best, Boyd outwitted Harlan’s finest, and Ava showed that she truly is a Crowder. Some Boyd/Raylan together time is the only thing that could’ve made the episode better. I know I’m a broken record on the last point. I’m starting to feel like it’s just not going to happen this season.

We start with Raylan learning that he’s being punished for his role in the Augustine affair. He’s given the duty of talking to walk-ins. His first visitor is a sarcastic jerk who wants the money back that he thinks the Marshals have seized. Raylan schools the guy in how to spell “U.S. Marshal” and figures out that the guy has been scammed by a guy named TC. Raylan is eager to get out of the office, so he volunteers to go after TC.

Raylan’s run-in with TC has to be my second favorite scene of the season (the first is Dewey with his doughboy). TC flees out the window by sliding down a pole and then reattaches his artificial leg to make a getaway. He flips the bird while Raylan stares in disbelief. Raylan’s reaction is priceless: “Holy shit.” This is when you know it is game on. I loved the mockery between TC and Raylan – especially TC’s blog post that he made a US Marshal his bitch. I also loved the smartass tech guy’s response when Raylan asked if it was possible to reply to TC’s blog post: “God no. Technology to reply to a post is decades away.”

The battle between TC and “Deputy Dipshit” heats up when TC drains Raylan’s bank accounts. TC thinks they’ll never catch him, but Raylan assures him that they have a special squad to catch guys like him: “Deputies all missing limbs to make it fair.” This is the repartee that makes me love this show.

TC’s girlfriend gets the best revenge of the episode. He initially introduces Candice as the girl who “makes the sandwiches” which she doesn’t really appreciate. She gets the last laugh when she tells Raylan that TC is hiding in his grandma’s basement. That should’ve been the first place Raylan thought to look.

Ava’s prison scenes really brought home just how different she is from the first time we met her. She is truly worthy of being Boyd’s woman. In order to buy herself some security, she agrees to help smuggle drugs into the prison population. But, when she learns that she’d have to be…accommodating…to the prison guard, she comes up with an alternate plan. She’s going to use her connection with Boyd to bring in heroin. Ava is going to get out of there eventually, and I’d like to see Boyd’s reaction to his new, harder woman.

Boyd finally takes care of the itch that’s been driving him crazy for a long time. He travels down to Mexico and finally gets rid of cousin Johnny. He’s not in the clear, though, because he still has to deal with the moronic Crowe clan. They’re more trouble than they’re worth, and Boyd should just shoot them already.

Did anyone notice that Rachel is rather serious? Her name was bandied around before as Art’s potential successor and it looks like we’re heading in that direction.