Arrow Season 2 Review “Time of Death”

Arrow came back from its short break with a pretty solid episode. “Time of Death” introduced a villain who, I believe, is the first intellectual match for Team Arrow. This guy, let’s call him Crazy Clock Guy, planned heists down to the second. The first heist was to still a piece of technology called a skeleton key which would allow him to hack into any bank vault in the city. After obtaining the skeleton key, Crazy Clock Guy sent his muscle to rob a bank. The Arrow and Sara showed up to stop the robbery, but Crazy Clock Guy hacked Team Arrow’s communication system. He told them that he was sending a busload of people to their deaths, so The Arrow could either stop him or save the people. Team Arrow was able to do both, but that wasn’t the end. Crazy Clock Guy (who will always be T-Bag from Prison Break to me) got past the firewall Felicity set up to protect their computer system and destroyed it. Oliver decided to set a trap and lure him out. The trap worked. Team Arrow captured Crazy Clock Guy and saved the day. Crazy Clock Guy isn’t dead, so I imagine we’ll see him pop up again later. The crazy ones always seem to come back.

It seems that Team Arrow just keeps growing. After Sara rid herself of the League of Assassins (for now at least), Oliver invited her to join Team Arrow. It makes sense that he would bring her aboard because she already knows the secret and it’s obvious she can handle herself. But everyone wasn’t too thrilled about the new addition. Felicity was not happy Oliver decided to include Sara. Not happy at all. Felicity has never been one to be jealous, but this was different. Oliver has always come to Felicity for help, and that makes her feel like she contributes to the team. She’s never really been interested in being out on the front lines, but she was the girl. She was the one that Oliver always depended on, and she felt like Sara was taking all of that away. Especially after Crazy Clock Guy hacked their system and destroyed everything. It seems kind of inconsistent for Felicity not to understand how important she is to Oliver since he’s already told her that he didn’t realize how much he depended on her until she wasn’t there. After Oliver realized the problem, though, he reassured Felicity that she would always be his girl. I guess it’s nice to hear from time to time that you are loved and appreciated. It was a very sweet moment between the two of them.

Felicity wasn’t the only one a bit miffed at Sara. Laurel decided to be angry at Sara too. Oliver organized a welcome home party for Sara, and Laurel decided to pout and not go. She’d rather sit at home alone reading a magazine and guzzling wine. Later, Det. Lance thought that maybe there was an opportunity for him and Dinah to get back together, so he wanted Laural and Sara to come to dinner so they could have a nice family dinner like they used to. I had a feeling Det. Lance was setting himself up for disappointment, and unfortunately, I was right. Dinah has made a new life for herself in Central City, and that new life includes and new man. At about the same time Dinah revealed that she’s seeing someone, Laurel put it together that Oliver and Sara are seeing each other. Awkward. So, Laurel did what she always does. She took a situation that was really not about her and made it all about her. She lashed out at Oliver, Sara, and Det. Lance. Essentially, she called them all pathetic and told them to get out of her house. Oliver went after Laurel, but not to apologize. He went to tell her about herself. He called her on being selfish and self-centered. He called her out for blaming everyone but herself for her problems, and he made it clear that he is done running after her.

Thank you, Oliver! Thank you! Somebody needed to tell Laurel about herself, and I’m glad it was Oliver. Ever since Oliver got back from the island he’s been running after Laurel trying to make her happy. He’s been worried about her. He’s protected her. He’s saved her life too many times to count. He’s been her punching bag, and he’s tried to be her friend. My question is, why would you want to be friends with Laurel? She doesn’t think about anyone except herself. Even her speech to Sara at the end of the episode was self-serving. That wasn’t about finding out what happened with Sara and where she’s been all this time. Heck, Laurel didn’t even apologize for her bad behavior. She explained how she felt. What she was thinking. Why she was hurting. I guess Laurel showing up at Det. Lance’s AA meeting was supposed to be a powerful, redeeming moment but I couldn’t do anything except roll my eyes. If I cared more about Laurel then perhaps I would be interested in her getting help for her addiction issues. If I cared more about Laurel then maybe I would be interested in her attempts at reconciliation with Sara. The truth is, I don’t care about Laurel. Why should I? She’s still completely superfluous to the overall story, and her inclusion seems forced and unnecessary.

There wasn’t very much island stuff this time, but what we did see gave us a little background on Sin. Apparently, Sin’s father was a pilot who was shot down while flying over the island. I assume the guys on the freighter shot him down, but it was kind of unclear who shot him down and why. While Oliver and Slade were off trying to find medicines to try and save the man’s life, Sara was there with him. The man told her that his daughter would be alone in the world if he died, and he asked Sara to look after her. I had a feeling he was talking about Sin, but it wasn’t until the end of the episode that those suspicions were confirmed. We haven’t spent very much time with Sin, but from what we have seen, I like her and I’d like to find out more about her.

All in all, pretty good episode. The big reveal was at the end though. Oliver looked like he was about to pass out when he walked into the living room and saw Slade Wilson sitting on the sofa. That handshake between the two of them was something else. I am dying to find out what happens next. I will say that I am pretty bummed that Diggle has been given so little to do this season. He’s been almost completely absent, and unlike Laurel, I miss Diggle when he isn’t around. I’d like to see him out there having Oliver’s back again. They’re a great team. So what did y’all think of this week’s Arrow?

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