Vikings Season 2 Interview: Travis Fimmel Talks Ragnar’s Family, Future and More

Vikings Season 2 (2)

Ragnar Lothbrok’s story provides History’s Vikings with its center. Much like the character he plays, Travis Fimmel exudes a strong, silent type vibe. Just in time for the season two premiere this Thursday, February 27th at 10PM on History, TV Equals had the opportunity to join in a conference call with Fimmel to discuss Ragnar’s love for his family, what’s ahead for him in season two and much more.

Ragnar and His Family

According to Fimmel, nothing matters to Ragnar as much as blood. His family is his life, which makes his situation in season two all the more complicated. Ragnar starts a new family with the Princess Aslaug (Alyssa Sutherland), but what he wants most is to combine his two families, an idea that his first wife Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick) doesn’t go for. The most troubling outcome for Ragnar is the loss of his first son for four years.

Bjorn (who will this year be played by Alexander Ludwig Linus Roache) chooses to stay with his mother, leaving his father heartbroken. When Bjorn returns to his father, expect their dynamic to be complex. Ragnar is both happy to have Bjorn back and angry that he chose to leave him in the first place. As for the cast change, Fimmel admitted the cast was sad to see Nathan O’Toole vacate the role, but he also noted Roache is a great addition to the cast.

“It messes him up when his son chooses to stay with his mother,” Fimmel said. “Ragnar feels like he has missed out on an education while he has been gone. He feels like his son should be with his father and he didn’t want his wife to leave in the first place.” Speaking of his wives, Fimmel revealed that while Aslaug will be concentrating on her new family, Lagertha has gotten a taste for power and has a desire to become Earl– in other words, Ragnar’s one big, happy family dream isn’t likely to come true.

Fimmel on the Four Year Time Jump

There will be a four year time jump after episode two, but Fimmel revealed that the audience won’t miss out on much, aside from Bjorn becoming a much bigger boy. “I don’t think life has changed that much, there was a famine,” Fimmel said. “I think they didn’t do that much (they had children obviously), but you get right back into going west.”

However, there will be an emotional change for Ragnar. As he gets older and lives life without his eldest son, going west becomes less about having an adventure and more about bettering the community. “Going west becomes about helping his people survive and making sure they have enough food,” Fimmel said.

Likewise, Ragnar becoming Earl last season had nothing to do with power and everything to do with controlling the ships. Fimmel told us that like him, Ragnar “doesn’t like to talk in front of people,” but he is committed to making the lives of his people better.

Ragnar and Rollo After the Battle

Season two opens with an epic battle that pits brother against bother. Fimmel noted that the demands of filming the battle scene caused many participants to faint due to record high temperatures in Ireland. Beyond the actual mechanics of the battle, there will be lasting emotional ramifications for Ragnar and his brother Rollo (Clive Standen), especially after Rollo attempts to take out Ragnar’s best friend (Athelstan, perhaps?).

“It’s going to be hard to ever trust Rollo again,” Fimmel said. However, because of Ragnar’s commitment to family, don’t expect him to turn his back on his brother completely. Their relationship will be very different this year, but they are still brothers.

Vikings Season 2 (1)

Once again, season two of Vikings premieres this Thursday at 10/9c on History. Check back tomorrow for an interview with Alyssa Sutherland and an advance review of the premiere.

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