Twisted Season 1 Review “Home is Where the Hurt Is”

Twisted Episode 14 Home is Where the Hurt Is (10)

We’re getting back to who likes who and who doesn’t know who likes them on episode fourteen of Twisted and, amazingly, amidst the scramble for Homecoming dates during ‘Home is Where the Hurt is’, we also got some more clues to mull over. Vikram had a $10 million life insurance policy, Danny and Charlie were cell mates and, despite his best efforts, Danny can’t resist Lacey’s charms for long.

I’ve never been a huge fan of Homecoming episodes of high school shows, but they sure are a good way to bring everyone together and sift through the love connections. Here we have Danny and Lacey, Charlie and Lacey, Rico and Jo, Rico and Andie and – teased at the very end – a glimmer of Charlie and Jo. Danny’s election as Homecoming king did bring back the show’s interesting perspective on mass guilt and hysteria, and I liked how the town’s instant reaction to suspecting him for killing Regina was to elect him ‘their leader’. Danny might have rejected the gesture because of his own remorse and self-loathing, but I like to think he would have done the same even without the recent death of his father.

The show has found an ingenious way of keeping fans of Danny/Jo and Danny/Lacey happy in this half of the season, as the former can see the two of them know a secret no one else does while, with the latter, the love story is still alive and kicking. Introducing Charlie into the mix, especially if the secrets Danny’s keeping for him aren’t too sinister, just makes things more interesting – love squares are the new triangles didn’t you know?

The other new face is of course Jack, who seems far too interested in the price on Vikram’s head. Now that the body has been found and Tess been caught out, answers should be coming our way soon enough. I’m still unsure about the decision to kill Vikram last week but, with the affect it’s having on the core characters proving very compelling so far, it may have been a smart move.

What did you think of the episode? Is Jack our new bad guy or Charlie? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.