Supernatural Season 9 Review “Captives” – Lonely Is the Night


In this episode of Supernatural, called “Captives,” Sam and Dean have to get over their drama long enough to deal with a ghost in the bunker, while Castiel has an important meeting with Bartholomew.

I remember thinking that the previous episode was one that I had a hard time categorizing. I sort of felt the same way about this episode, but this time I mean that in a good way. Having Dean wake up to flashing lights instantly made it a ghost story, but once I found out who that ghost was, it became so much more than that. I have been hoping that we would see Kevin back ever since Gadreel-Sam killed him, but I wasn’t expecting it so fast and, silly me, I didn’t think we’d see him as a ghost.

I thought that having Kevin come back and the boys going off to rescue Mrs. Tran might, just might, be a way for them to get past some of the bad mojo they’ve been going through recently. I figured it would give them closure and let them move on. Heck, even Kevin told them to get over it because at least they were both still alive. But even as Kevin said it, I could tell that it wasn’t going to happen. It was interesting to note that Dean was ready to move on, but Sam went right back to hiding and leaving Dean alone.

We’re at the point now where it is definitely starting to feel like this is going to be the boys’ worst break-up (sorry, there’s no other word for it) ever. I think it might be because they are still together so we’re seeing every awkward moment and every emotional flare-up. The other times they’ve fought, they’ve usually split up so we didn’t see all that. This time feels so much worse and it’s getting harder and harder to watch. I’m curious to see if next week’s episode (which looks to be a light one, but I don’t know if I can trust previews anymore) will make things better.

As for Castiel, his journey was kind of in the background, but no less important. I know he’s been struggling to figure out who he really is, pretty much ever since he came back from the Leviathan disaster. It was nice to see him stand his ground and refuse to kill another angel when it wasn’t necessary. But it was equally as nice to see him take another angel down when it was absolutely necessary. We don’t need a self-sacrificing Cas, we need him strong and that’s what he was in this episode. So it was no surprise at all when he found himself with some new followers.

My favorite bits:

Dean’s choice of song on his (incredibly massive) headphones. Who doesn’t love a little Billy Squier?

Sam with the sword. I may be kind of mad at him, but that was still all kinds of hot.

“Yep, bunker’s haunted.” – Poor guys. They can’t even get away in their own home.

Oh crap. Seriously?? Kevin?

Who knew a scene where Dean talks to a coffee maker could crush me so?

Dean calling Crowley on his cell. That made me laugh for some reason. I don’t think I’ll ever get over demons (or angels) with cell phones.

“Do you ever think he’s just not that into you?”

Awkward Impala conversation is awkward.

Dean totally nailing exactly what the guy in the office would look like. It was nice to see a smidge of a smile between them for a second.

Kevin’s mom asking Sam if Kevin was with him. Ouch.

“This isn’t Crowley’s unit.” – How would you know, Dean? (sorry, bad joke. But I simply could not help myself)

Sam finally telling Kevin’s mom that her son was dead.

Dean claiming that he and Crowley were tight.

“Who I was. What I did. That’s not what I am.”

Castiel choosing not to kill the other angel. Too bad Bartholomew had to be a dick and do it anyway.

Castiel refusing to fight Bartholomew. Go Castiel!

Not being able to blame Castiel for finally killing Bartholomew. That was purely self-defense. Plain and simple.

Sam handing the knife to Kevin’s mom.

Kevin’s mom deciding to take Kevin’s spirit home with her. Wow. Just.. Wow.

“I don’t want to fight, but if I have to, I will.” – No kidding.

The angels showing up and offering to follow Castiel.

“You can thank us when we get you to heaven where you belong.”

Kevin calling Dean a dick after being reminded that he and his mom were going to be together 24, 7.

Kevin telling Sam and Dean to get over it. Oh Kevin, if only it were that simple.

“My mom’s taking home a ghost. You two. you’re both still here.”

Wow. Really, Sam? I had a feeling that wasn’t going to happen, though. No matter what Kevin said.

What did you think of this episode of Supernatural? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!

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