Revolution Season 2 Review “Fear and Loathing”

Revolution Season Episode 14 Fear and Loathing (6)

Revolution returned from the Olympic hiatus with a strong, action-packed episode. In fact, the high energy on display, coupled with a head-scratching cliffhanger, makes me wonder if the producers weren’t aiming to have this episode air before the three week break. As it is, “Fear and Loathing” brought the New Vegas arc to an end while setting up for what should be an interesting episode next week.

The big focus this week was on Monroe, Charlie and Connor, all of whom ended up captured after their failed casino heist. Though I never really expected Monroe or Connor to die, the scenes leading up to their death match were all strong, and helped to give their strained relationship some much needed development. Monroe’s desire to have all the horrible things he did mean something is pretty twisted, but it fits with his always questionable mental state. And he is the sort of person that will let his love of someone lead him to self-destruction, first with Miles, and now with his son.

Charlie’s struggle was also fairly predictable, and had me questioning the security measures a bit. Monroe and Connor were watched over by six armed guards, but all Charlie had were some chains, ones she used to choke out her first client with. I understand that customers would want privacy, but I would think having a guard in the trailer until a new girl’s spirit was broken would just be standard operating procedure. Still, her escape and saving of Duncan’s life once again showed how strong a character she’s become this season, and this time around, she seems far more capable of leading a group of soldiers.

Back in Willoughby, there wasn’t too much going on. The group spent most of the episode planning an attack, only for Miles to realize Tom was planning to betray them. This led to an always enjoyable Mexican standoff moment where everyone put their cards on the table, but we didn’t exactly see where things went from there. Given that next week looks to be entirely Aaron-focused, I suppose they’ll just have to get comfortable holding those guns up.

Speaking of Aaron, this episode went big with the idea of killing the nanomachines. I liked that Aaron ultimately agreed with Priscilla and decided to try and introduce a virus into their programming. That said, I was wondering why the nanobots didn’t just kill the power on that computer as soon as they realized what he was up to. I’m sure his weird delusion of a world that still has power is instigated by the cloud, but it seems like there was a simpler way. Still, alternate timeline stories are usually fun, so I’m looking forward to a world with power in next week’s episode.

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