Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Review “She’s Come Undone”

Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 18 Hot For Teacher (6)

On the latest episode of “Pretty Little Liars,” it was Aria’s turn to be the center of dramatic attention as the titular she in “She’s Come Undone.” The other girls have all been hit pretty hard by “A,” what with Hanna’s mom framed and jailed, Emily nearly killed several times (not to mention her dad), and Spencer ending up in Radley- not to mention Mona.

Aria had escaped the full wrath of “A” more than the other girls arguably, but ironically, it wasn’t “A” who finally did it, but her own boyfriend. Even more ironically, it may have also been Ezra who kept her safer than the other girls from “A” for all this time. Too bad he turned out to be a scheming douche using her and her friends to land a book deal. Needless to say, Aria was not a happy camper.

My main complaint about this episode was: if you had access to all this info someone had assembled serendipitously behind your back, would you destroy, and/or leave it behind? At least Spencer had the good sense to grab some of it, and she’s hardly thinking clearly her own damn self. Only what she discovered- not so good, either. Might she have killed Ali in a drug-induced rage? Well, obviously not, as Ali’s alive, but two people did witness Spencer going ballistic on Ali with a shovel in hand, threatening to do something.

And one of them was Ali’s own mother, who then paid the other, Cece, to keep her mouth shut about what she’d seen. So, why, if Ali was found dead shortly after, would she pay someone else to cover up her daughter’s killer? The obvious answer is that Spencer didn’t do it, but still, Ali’s mom doesn’t know that, as Ali was killed elsewhere. Or was she simply knocked out with the shovel, buried in a shallow grave, then rescued by Mrs. Grunwald when she was left for dead?

That would actually make sense. But was Spencer the one who did it, or someone else? And whose body was that in the coffin? Could it be the long-rumored twin? Or is the Ali that resurfaced the actual twin and not Ali, and Ali really is dead? That would also make a certain kind of twisted sense.

Ezra has his theories, clearly. Among the people he highlighted along with Spencer, were Jason, Toby, Jenna and even Caleb, who he thought might be in cahoots with Jenna as well. Ezra also knew that Aria’s dad had an affair with a student and that Ali knew it, too. He knew that Ali instigated the prank that blinded Jenna, and thought that Mona was definitely not “A.” Also, that Spencer’s dad had a PI named Marc Pope tailing at least one of his own daughters, likely Spencer.

Unfortunately, Aria destroyed a lot of stuff, and left behind way more. Hopefully one of those girls is smart enough to get the rest before it’s too late, but my guess is that it will be gone before they can. Especially with Spencer off the rails. As the driving force behind the most active investigating, it will suck having her sidelined, but she’s almost certainly rehab-bound.

That leaves Hanna, who was sidelined herself, trying to do a solid for Travis and his dad, which she successfully did. Well, with the help of Detective Holbrook, the latest guy she’s thrown a smooch at. With “Ravenswood” dunzo, Caleb better get back to where he once belonged, or Hanna may not be single much longer.

Emily, meanwhile, took herself off the case, after sending Ali the money finally. But what’s this? She told Paige, who didn’t hesitate to drop a line to the cops with a lead to find Ali and the revelation that she was still alive. That’s definitely going to come back to bite her in the butt, as the note likely has her fingerprints all over it, not to mention it’s in her handwriting. Nice going, Paige. I guess we can safely rule her out as “A” now, though. Well, unless she’s part of the “A” team, and wants to use the police to find Ali for them. You never know on this show.

So, a pretty good, fairly intense episode. You had to feel for poor Aria, especially when she called that publisher and was told that Ezra was in there discussing book deals when she called. Guess we know where Ezra’s heart really lies. Although, to be fair, he and Aria were clearly done, and she knows all about the book now, so why not go through with it? The question is, where will that get him? On the hit list of “A”- if he wasn’t already. That’s the price you pay, I guess for cashing in on someone’s death at the expense of others.

There is one wrinkle to his book, though: no ending yet. Will that ending be the end of him? Or others? I guess we’ll see in time. Either way, there’s still a few episodes yet to see what goes down with the whole Ezra situation. Will Aria turn him in as she originally planned before Hanna stopped her? What will be Spencer’s fate, and what, if anything, did she end up doing after that fight with Ali? Why did Ali’s mom cover it up? Why were she and Cece together in the first place? Still a lot of stuff to resolve, to be sure, but that Ezra plotline was a doozy, I must admit, and well-played all around.

What did you think of the latest episode of “Pretty Little Liars”? Who do you think “A” is now? Did Spencer actually kill Ali? Or someone else? Sound off on all of this and more down below, and see you next episode!