Person of Interest Season 3 Review “Last Call”

Last Call

Last night’s Person of Interest was bizarre. Team machine gets the name of a 911 dispatcher, Sandra, who receives a frantic call from a child who is kidnapped. She struggles to keep her cool as the kidnapper gets on the line and demands her full compliance. I have to be honest that I’m having trouble eloquently expressing my opinions of this episode. I watched it twice, thinking maybe I’d just missed something the first go around. But, even on the second pass, I just didn’t connect with it.

Team machine quickly learns that Sandra has been targeted for her access to the 911 call database. If she fails to delete recent call records, the boy will be killed. I think what threw me off was the voice of the kidnapper. It was too smooth – too phony. The combination of his cadence and word choice reminded me of the voice of the killer in Scream. I kept waiting for him to ask Sandra if she wanted to play a game. When the kidnapper escalates things, he sets off a bomb in a parking structure and tells Sandra, “Three cars were turned into flaming metal husks.” Who talks like that?

The kidnapper operates behind a series of hired thugs and decoy phones. His ultimate goal is to get rid of one specific phone call – from the same murder Fusco is investigating. This was a little too convenient and kind of unnecessary.

We learn that the kidnapper picks Sandra because when she was young, she babysat a kid who drowned in the bathtub on her watch. Finch learns about this from Sandra’s sealed juvenile records. I find it completely implausible that the police would have charged a child with negligent homicide for leaving a kid in a tub for a minute to go get his toy. That was a far-fetched and tarnished the story’s credibility. How did the kidnapper get access to these records?

Shaw and Finch go on the hunt for the kidnapper’s helpers. Luckily, they manage to track down the boy before he gets blown to bits. Shaw manages to get off a couple great one-liners. Again, I have to protest that there is no need to make Shaw look like she’s on week three of the flu – she’s a tomboy, not a leper. Brush her hair and put a little concealer under the eyes.

At the same time, Fusco is taking on the role of mentor for a rookie. I’m wondering if they are setting Fusco up for a new partner. I hope not. I know we’re moving on past Carter, but it still feels too soon to add another person to the mix.

At the end, Finch finds that he has a brand new nemesis. I suppose it’s time he had a new one. Elias and Root have been out of commission for a while. I’m not thrilled, though, about this particular character recurring. That phone voice is so fake that it is more ridiculous than menacing.

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