NCIS Season 11 Review “Bulletproof” – Sometimes You Gotta Jump


In this episode of NCIS, called “Bulletproof,” the team tracks down the person who sold faulty bulletproof vests, while McGee tries to help Delilah deal with her new situation.

McGee was so darn sweet in this episode, I just wanted to give him a huge Abby-style hug. I know that what Delilah is going through is of course much worse, but I don’t know her as well as I do McGee so my heart went out to him more. There, I said it.

I was wondering when we would see Delilah again and I thought her appearance in this episode was perfect. She was incredibly strong and I admired the way she was able to make fun of herself and joke with Tony, but then also able to admit to McGee that the joke didn’t work as well with him. Of course she can joke with Tony. Tony isn’t her boyfriend and it was good that she told McGee exactly how she was feeling. It was awkward, but I feel like they can only figure out how to make things work by being truthful. McGee not knowing what to do for her was very honest and I liked that he didn’t try to hide what he was feeling either. Taking her to meet Linn and the skydiving dare was fantastic. It proved that Delilah is still one tough chick and I’m curious to know if McGee took her up on her offer.

As for the rest of the story, I was excited to hear that Jimmy’s adoption is getting closer. One of the team is going to have a baby. Who would’ve ever thought that would happen? Jimmy’s going to be a great dad, of that I have no doubt.

Bishop’s struggles through probie-hood were kind of adorable to watch. There were so many moments in this episode that reminded me of moments from episodes in the first couple seasons. Back when McGee was a probie and Kate and Tony were giving him hell. It’s great to see McGee get the chance to get in on the fun and realize that they all went through it and it’s part of the job. I have a feeling Bishop is always going to have to deal with her tendency to over-analyze everything, but I also think it will improve the more she works with the rest of the team.

My favorite bits:

Kind of being disappointed that we didn’t see Tony and McGee hitting the mats. That scene reminded me of the scene back in the early days when McGee took on Kate and Tony took on Gibbs.

Tony and McGee hollering “Probie!” at the same time.

Cracking up at how every probie tries to fight the nickname. Get over it, probie!

McGee ordering Bishop to check the toilet buckets. Ew.

The look shared between McGee and Tony when Bishop said they’d have to dangle her by her ankles to get into the van.

Tony’s picture of Bishop on the ladder. Haha! So like McGee.

“Just don’t not avoid not making her feel self-conscious about it.”

Chris-squared admitting they wanted to go to jail.

Tony correctly guessing that Bishop shot the cardboard mother holding a baby during her training.

Finding out that Jimmy’s birth mother signed the adoption papers. Yay.. Oops now I just jinxed it.

“I believe magic, prayer and logic equally. Is that childish?”

Abby making Benson basically sit in a corner like a bad little boy.

Linn floating down and surprising Gibbs and McGee.

McGee asking Linn how long it took him to get used to the chair.

Abby and the bubble gum cigar.

Jimmy looking frantically around autopsy for something wood.

YES! Loved the Logan Cale reference. That was awesome. (For those unaware, that was the name of Michael Weatherly’s wheelchair-bound character in Dark Angel).

Delilah admitting that the game only worked with Tony.

Tony telling Bishop to work smarter, not harder. Another moment also reminiscent of the early seasons.

Gibbs and Bishop sharing an uncomfortable look during the whole tampon conversation.

Delilah guessing that Bishop’s wisdom had come from a fortune cookie.

“What ever happened to Darwinism?”
“You have to sign a release for that.”

“Adjust your ascot and back up the Mystery Machine. It sounds like McScooby’s got a clue.”

“Oh, holy fish sticks that hurt.”

Bishop getting shot and Tony opening her sweater to reveal the shot up vest. Wow, total Kate flashback.

Gibbs telling Delilah that she should make McGee take her to breakfast.

The ever so slight grin that Gibbs gave McGee and Delilah as they left.

Totally knowing where McGee was taking Delilah.

Delilah kissing McGee on the cheek as a thank you. So sweet.

“I’ll jump if you do.” – Ha!

What did you think of this episode of NCIS? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!

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