Glee Season 5 Review “Frenemies”

Glee Season 5 Episode 9 Frenemies (1)

Its war on this week’s long-awaited comeback episode of Glee, ‘Frenemies’, and the battle between Rachel and Santana has been brewing an awfully long time. Of course, with tensions this old, the fallout was always going to be explosive and, after Santana auditions to be Rachel’s understudy using her most iconic song (‘Don’t Rain on my Parade’, of course), things get ugly. Back at McKinley, meanwhile, the business of the Newbie Directions is being wrapped up and, giving us all hope that Artie and Tina are going to be ushered out with the rest of the spare parts, they battle it out for valedictorian.

First, I was extremely apprehensive about seeing Santana perform that song, given how much it means to the show, Rachel’s character and – if I’m honest – me. But it was done well, if not with that special magic that Lea Michele can give it, and the rivalry between Rachel and Santana is something that interests me. They need something to keep them busy until Blaine and Sam arrive in New York, after all, and it was always a little bit unbelievable that these two girls would be able to coexist in one apartment while one of them was achieving more than the other.

If Rachel hadn’t been awful about her dreams coming true, then she wouldn’t have been the Rachel we know and love and, though Santana relinquished her Queen Bitch hat for a spell, getting the part of Rachel’s understudy just confirmed to her all of the suspicions she had about their comparative talent. Kurt has slightly different dreams, and seems to be the only one focusing on NYADA right now but, with two ambitious types like Rachel and Santana, it makes sense that they would be offered a lot of the same opportunities. It also serves the plot, and watching them try to sabotage each other on Funny Girl will be amusing.

The McKinley drama, as usual, could have been removed to leave a much stronger episode, but the impending graduation and mass exodus makes me feel sorry enough for the actors to tolerate their presence for a couple more hours. That said, Blaine and Sam are the only characters I want to keep and, should they go to NYC as expected, Glee might finally regain some of its former glory just in time for its curtain call.

What did you think of the episode? Are you sad that Ohio is being cut after graduation? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.