The Following Season 2 Review “Fly Away”

The Following Season 2 Episode 6 Fly Away (2)

On the latest episode of “The Following,” as ever this season so far, the show cut to the chase in the aptly-titled “Fly Away.” Instead of overstaying their welcome, Lily and her clan made plans to leave after word got to them via Luke of Ryan’s impending closing-in on their lair- not to mention his killing Giselle and one of her other “sons.” However, Lily made a big mistake in trying to get the better of Joe when she drugged him, albeit after Mandy inferred that maybe he wasn’t entirely sold on her escape plan, which involved traveling to Venezuela, where she had another property and there was no extradition.

Enter Emma to revive Joe and they were off and running, just barely missing Ryan, though Joe did make actual eye contact for the first time with Ryan since his “death” last season. Although Lily’s plan didn’t sound half bad under the circumstances, Joe wasn’t about to leave town without a proper showdown with Ryan, although he clearly had something else in mind than confronting him just yet. Part of that was foiling Lily’s plan by sending her pilot packing, only to be nabbed by Ryan and company, after he finally broke down and involved the authorities.

Unfortunately for him, Lily does not seem like the sort of woman that cares to be scorned, especially after it cost her most of her family. By the end of the episode, in fact, they were all dead save Mark and an injured Luke, who the cops got a hold of when Lily was forced to bail to save herself and Mark. Both Ryan and Mike were a bit off the chain this episode, though Ryan was pretty much already there, after killing Giselle and another of Lily’s sons last week. Mike, though, almost beat Luke to death with his bare hands, not to mention pummeling him with a big piece of wood, which was a bit disturbing. At least some of Ryan’s actions were self-defense, but Luke had already been shot the second time around, so he wasn’t going much of anywhere.

That said, Ryan did brutally stab Giselle when he thought she’d killed Max, and that wasn’t entirely self-defense there, so him and Mike are both basically off the reservation at this point. Even more so now that Mendez heavily implied that Mike and Max are also off the force, after their role in helping Ryan off-book was exposed. How ironic was that scene where she went off on Mike about his “crazy” theories, lambasting the force for incompetence, when she herself is the source of the leak that Mike is convinced exists within the FBI. Granted, she doesn’t know that, but isn’t that sort of incompetent in and of itself? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

That was about it, really, but it was a fast-moving, action-packed episode, so it was pretty satisfying on the whole. Besides, getting through this stuff ASAP was sort of a necessary evil, lest the show repeat itself from last season. I like that it set up a whole new dynamic between Lily, who was seemingly on Team Joe, but is now clearly going to take revenge on him for getting most of her family killed. It would seem that she and Joe both have plans, and her plan is almost certainly going to cause problems for him on down the line, now that she’s actively seeking revenge on Joe instead of trying to help him.

Although, if she was so determined to help him, why the hell did she drug him? Not sure I get the reasoning behind that one, especially if she was looking to get him to trust her. What was she going to do when Joe woke up, upset that she’d done what she did? Whatever the case, Joe just made himself another enemy, and you know what they say about a woman scorned…

I did love it when Joe went off on Lily’s “drama queen” antics and referred to her place as the “International House of Psychos.” LOL. Maybe going off on her after she lost Luke wasn’t the smartest move on his part, though. What was a little more confusing was Mandy’s reasoning. I mean, I can see where she’d dig the whole family dynamic of Lily’s place, but why she tried to mess Joe up with Lily was beyond me. That seems counterintuitive, but then again, she probably didn’t expect Lily to drug Joe, either. I’m guessing Mandy probably didn’t expect Lily to give permission to her family to kill her and Emma, either. Real nice.

All in all, a solid episode. I still like the accelerated pace of this new season, and I like how unpredictable it all is so far. I mean, they’ve already killed off a substantial amount of the cast, and now they’ve done an unexpected pivot to posit Lily vs. Joe, and vice versa. Meanwhile, Ryan, Mike and Max are going to be flying without a net for real this time, with no FBI back-up to help them out anymore, and from the sound of it, no police back-up for Max, either. And who knows what Joe is up to, or what his new plan is? Or Lily’s, for that matter? And Joe, mind you, does have the FBI at his disposal, more or less, even if they don’t know that. This thing could really go any way at this point, and I like that.

What did you think of “The Following” this week? Like the way they’ve handled things so far? Do you like the idea of Lily going after revenge against Joe somehow? What do you think Joe’s big new plan is? Can Mandy be trusted, given her actions as of late? How will Ryan and company fare without any sort of help? Will Mendez figure out she’s the leak at the FBI? Sound off on this and whatever you like down below, and I’ll see you next week!