The Americans Season 2: Sex, Family Time, Disguise, Injuries, Endgame and More [9 Fun Facts]

the americans season 2 kerri russell

The Americans returns for its second season this week, but before you dig into what is bound to be another exciting season, how about I share some fun facts and highlights from the Television Critic Association (TCA) Winter Press Tour panel which featured series stars Keri Russell (Elizabeth), Matthew Rhys (Phillip), Noah Emmerich (Stan), and executive producers Joe Weisberg and Joel Fields.

Family Time

Season 2 will shift its focus back to the Jennings household. The show will explore how this family tries to keep it together this season and Elizabeth and Phillip’s relationship.

Claudia’s Back

You’ll be happy to know that Claudia will be back this season and we will be seeing her in several episodes.

Let’s Talk About Sex

When asked about the sexuality in the show, Russell shared that the good thing about it is that it doesn’t have to be “sweeping romantic” or “so beautiful and sexy.” Instead, sex is used, at least in the spy world, in order to get something. Russell added that there is a “freedom in that because it’s messier or more direct than that.”

Sex Position

In the second season opening, let’s just say that Elizabeth and Phillip will be caught in a very compromising position by one of the kids.

When asked about the scene, Fields explained that they “wanted to depict was the most powerful and shocking and mildly humorous, but also intimate.” In addition, they talked a lot about that moment, trying to figure out what would be right and true for that moment. In fact, they discussed every possible position and that’s the one they came up with.

Rhys joked, “No children were harmed in the filming of that scene.”

Fun fact: The two shots were shot separately, so the kid didn’t actually walk on that scene.


When asked if Russell had been injured on the show, Rhys joked, “Emotionally yes.” Russell then reassured that she hadn’t been injured.

the americans season 2 matthew rhys

Mastering The Accent

Even though this is not Rhys’ first time doing an American accent, it’s still something he has to work on. When asked about it, he shared, “The accent depends, usually if I’m tired it does slip.” He added, “it’s sort of always evolving.” Apparently, he has an especially hard time saying the word “murderer” in a line.


With Rhys wearing so many disguises in the show, we’re bound to wonder if he ever decided to take one home for a little fun. Unfortunately, he wasn’t allowed to take anything home, but he did joke, “More often than not I arrive from the night before with something and they go that “looks brilliant keep it on.” That’s what tends to happen.”

80s Pop Culture References

If you ever wondered how Weisberg and Fields come up with the 80s references in the show, turns out it’s mostly things they remember from that time. Although they do have a research team that looks into phrases and words to make sure that they use the correct dialogue for the time.


Ever wondered if Fields and Weisberg have an endgame in mind for the characters? Well turns out they talk about it a lot. Weisberg explained that they take these long walks and think about different ways the show could end. He added that it fundamentally a question of wether this is “a Russian story or an American story.” And even that to them doesn’t have a clear answer yet.

Fields added, “We have some strong ideas about it, but we also rely a lot on the characters and story to tell us where they want to go so it’s a process of discovery at the same time.”

The Americans Season 2 premieres Wednesday, February 26th at 10pm on FX.

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