The Pete Holmes Show Season 2 Interview: 5 Things You Need to Know About Pete Holmes

After a successful debut season in Fall 2013, The Pete Holmes Show returns tonight, Monday, February 24th at midnight on TBS, and TV Equals recently got the chance to join in on a conference call with the show’s hilarious host. The comedy maestro’s resume includes College Humor videos and voicing the E*Trade baby commercials, but Holmes is now best known for his hit late-night show.

Still, there are a few things you need to know about Holmes, including hints on upcoming sketches, the superheroes he would never fire and much more. Read on for the top five things you need to know before the return of The Pete Holmes Show.

1. Video Game Characters Need to Watch Their Backs

In his debut season, Holmes did a series of sketches where he fired various members of The X-Men, including Wolverine. When asked if he has any plans to dress as Magneto and start picking off members of the Brotherhood of Evil, Holmes laughed and said no — but “I’m going to write that down.” This season will find Homes branching out and firing people outside of the comic book community, namely video game characters, at least in the first few weeks of the show.

Comic book fans, there is no need to worry. Holmes hasn’t ruled out doing sketches involving them again in the future. For instance, due to costume concerns, he never got the chance to fire The Beast, who like Wolverine, would be better suited to sniffing packages in airports.

2. He Has Strong Feelings About Steve Martin

“I was a really big Steve Martin fan, I really loved him as a standup,” Holmes revealed when asked about his comic influences. Then things took a turn when later in the call he took part in an impromptu game of “Marry, Frak (this is a family website, guys), Kill” based on Steve Martin characters. When choosing between Steve Martin in Little Shop of Horrors, Steve Martin in The Jerk and Steve Martin in Plains, Trains and Automobiles, he decides to kill the “scary” Martin from Little Shop of Horrors, frak the Martin from The Jerk and marry the lovable Martin from Plains, Trains and Automobiles.

3. The Superheroes He Wouldn’t Fire

“I would never, ever fire Batman because he is completely self-sufficient and wonderful and amazing, and two, he wouldn’t kill me because he has a code of ethics, but he would give me a once over I wouldn’t want,” Holmes confessed. The host is clearly a big fan of The Dark Knight, due to his ability to fight crime sans powers. He noted that in teams where certain heroes are invincible or can shoot laser-beams and such, the other heroes are likely to develop inferiority complexes. However, with Batman, you have a rich guy with a whole lot of talent to back up his skills.

As for the X-Men, at least one character would be safe: “Jean Grey didn’t make the list of people possible to fire,” he confirmed, much to the relief of Dark Phoenix fans everywhere.

4. He’s Still in Awe of Being Part of the Talk Show Community

Holmes is still a relative newbie in the talk show community, which means he can continue to bask in his moment.”It is still surreal,” he said. However, he has a mentor one door down in Conan O’Brien. According to Holmes, the talk show veteran has made himself available to Holmes whenever the young comic needs advice or support. “It energizes me to see a hero of mine,” Holmes continued.

He also enjoys that his show is still young enough to be considered the underdog. He hopes these are the early years of The Pete Holmes Show, but imagines he will always look back fondly on the days when all of the writers were crammed into one room.

5. He’s Learning How To Not Worry About People Not Liking Him

As strange as it may seem for a television personality not to seek accolades from everyone, Holmes is firm on accepting he will always have detractors. In fact, he has a post-it note on his desk that reads, “allow people not to like me.” While he concedes he has to “forfeit” his philosophy in small ways when appearing in front of an audience, he is still determined to be true to himself.

“If people don’t like my show or me as a person that’s okay,” he said. “It’s our jobs as human beings to be genuine and truthful and not just warp and adapt to be what people think we should be so people will like us. That is the wrong way to live in this world.”

With a philosophy that sound, who wouldn’t like Holmes?

The Pete Holmes Show airs Monday-Thursday after Conan at midnight on TBS.

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