Supernatural Chat: 5 Reasons to Check Out Supernatural: Tribes

The Slumber Party

Hey there, Supernatural fans! The Olympic hiatus is nearly over and this time I wanted to chat about the spin-off. The news first broke at last year’s Comic-Con and was finally confirmed when the Supernatural spin-off pilot was picked up by the CW last month. Now that Supernatural: Tribes is definitely going to happen, it seems that more information is being released almost daily about the show and its cast.

When I first heard the news of a spin-off, I’ll admit to being pretty darn excited. I think it mostly came from the fact that our little show had grown so much that the CW was considering it worth of a spin-off. Remember the early days when we all waited with baited breath to see if the show would get a renewal each season? And now here we are, with Season 10 in the works and a spin-off. It makes me so proud I could just burst.

Once the novelty wore off, I took a closer look at the new show’s description and felt a smidge of trepidation. Could a Supernatural show work without the traveling aspect? Would it be as interesting without Sam and Dean? These are things that simply cannot be known until I see it, but now that more facts have been revealed about the show, I’m becoming hopeful again and have found five reasons I think it will definitely be worth checking out.

A Supernatural World

In the current Supernatural universe, Sam and Dean aren’t surrounded by a whole lot of people who know about the world of monsters. For the most part, they go into a town and deal with the resident evil and then move on, leaving the innocent townfolk completely oblivious to what happened. In the new show, there will be a lot of people (and monsters) aware of what’s really going on. I think that could make the stories richer and more dynamic. Plus, Sam and Dean are supposed to visit, which will be a bonus.

Sibling Drama

While Supernatural: Tribes won’t have an angst-ridden brother team at its forefront, it will have plenty of family drama. According to TVLine, the two monster families will feature battling brothers and sisters from dueling shape-shifter and werewolf factions. The werewolf sister will also be in love with the shape-shifter brother, which is sure to cause even more sibling drama.

Girl Power

Like I said above, the cast will include some lady monsters so the world of Supernatural: Tribes won’t only be ruled by dudes. While the original show has had some amazing female characters, they’ve only been seen periodically and none were ever a part of the main cast. Having women around full time will be great to see. It would have been even nicer to maybe see a woman as one of the leads, but I guess I’ll take what I can get.

Monsters Running the Show

Everyone loves a truly evil monster that gives the good guys a run for their money and in this new series, the monsters will play a much bigger part of the show. They won’t just be introduced as a weekly or seasonally Big Bad, they’ll be a part of the continuing story arc. Shape-shifters and werewolves aren’t exactly apocalyptic in their badness, but I have a feeling both hunters and monsters will find themselves up against the truly bad to make things interesting every once in a while.

Hot Leads

Yeah, yeah, I know, this is totally shallow of me, but how can I leave it unsaid? Now that Deadline has announced the two leads, it’s obvious the CW isn’t going to hold back on the hotness for the new show. Nathaniel Buzolic and Brit Lucien Laviscount are very easy on the eyes and I’m not above enjoying the occasional bit of eye candy. Laviscount is a relative newcomer (yay for more fresh faces!) and Buzolic has been in both The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, which seems to make them a good match for a new show.

What do you think of Supernatural: Tribes so far? Do you plan to watch the show if it gets picked up next season?

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