Intelligence Season 1 Review “Delta Force”

After two weeks focused on technology, “Delta Force,” the latest episode of Intelligence, was a more by-the-numbers affair. Here, we had a straightforward story about protecting a Bolivian official with ties to the U.S. Proceedings were given a bit more life by the inclusion of Gabriel’s former squad mate Norris, but this was ultimately a lackluster outing for the show.

There was a “bare bones” feel to this episode. There were only a few instances where Gabriel’s chip displays were shown, and several cast members didn’t even appear. Instead, the focus was squarely on Gabriel and getting to learn a bit more about his past in the army. The flashback scenes were actually a highlight, showing Gabriel and Norris together in a rather dangerous position throughout. However, the flashbacks perhaps did too good a job of painting Norris as a cruel killer. He was willing to kill a mother and her daughter in order to protect himself, which makes it hard to like him when we find out he was actually on Gabriel’s side. Still, it was good to get another potentially-recurring character on the show.

With the focus on Gabriel’s past, there really wasn’t a lot to the Bolivian leader arc. Again, when Intelligence plays things by-the-numbers, it’s simply a less interesting show, and one that’s hard to distinguish from other procedurals. Government agents protecting a rising foreign diplomat with ties to the United States is nothing new, and Intelligence failed to bring any new twists to the formula, even with the “his wife was the villain” twist at the end. The most that can be said for this plot is that it again brought up the idea that government agencies are shadowy and untrustworthy, a point that Intelligence continues to harp on.

One last point worth mentioning is that Gabriel’s insubordination didn’t seem to have much consequence this time around. In the past, every time Gabriel’s gone against Lillian’s orders, it’s meant trouble for one of them. Here, though, it was barely mentioned, which is a bit of an oddity. The show seems to be building to a point where Gabriel will be pitted directly against the government, so I’d have liked to see some negative consequences here.

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