House of Lies Season 3 Review “Pushback”

Episode 307

House of Lies returned this week with the aptly titled “Pushback”, an episode that found Marty encountering fierce resistance on a number of fronts.

The most emotional of which was the pushback from Roscoe regarding Marty’s wish that he end his relationship with Lex. The writers set this story up perfectly, making it easy for you for sympathize with Marty before making the situation much more complicated, which somehow made you sympathize with Marty even more. Whatever else he may be, he’s a good father and this episode was touching in its portrayal of their relationship.

At Kaan and Associates he continues to navigate the minefield that is DollaHyde, trying to balance the rapidly deteriorating relationship between Dre and Lukas long enough for the former friends to come to an agreement. While Marty’s distracted (though he’d never admit it) by his friendship with Dre, Jeannie’s seeing pretty clearly that as far as the effects on the business goes, Dre’s the more volatile and dangerous of the two.

This is seen in Dre’s meltdown and Lukas’ calm and collected approach to their falling out. T.I. continues to impress in his performance as Lukas. He’s never quite what you expect, and T.I. has a way of conveying a certain kind of strategic intelligence masked by hood bravado. He’s charming and repulsive at the same time, and watching Jeannie put him in his place (I think he likes it) during their private moments together makes for a fascinating dynamic to watch. I’m very interested to see how their relationship plays out.

It was great to see the original pod together again at Lukas’ mansion. They slipped back into the same sense of twisted camaraderie that so wonderfully characterized the series’ first two seasons. The dialogue was quick, witty, and true to character, even more so because of the separate journeys they’ve been on for most of the season. Though I’ve been critical of this season’s treatment of Doug, this episode found the perfect rhythm for him. Uncomfortable in a world he knows nothing about, and terrified that a “gangsta” is going to kill him in retribution for the accidental murder of the former’s dog. I hope future episodes learn from this one, a little Doug at just the right time goes a long way.

The slower pace of “Pushback” was welcome, and the episode itself represents a high point for the series. It found the right mix of humor, story progression, and emotion and deployed them at perfect intervals. I’m sad to see it’ll be two weeks before we can continue what has been an amazing season so far.

Random Thoughts

Marty’s time out explanation of what “Hood Rich” means was priceless. Loved it.

“Shut the f—k up, Clyde!” Again, Doug’s reaction was priceless. A joke three years in the making.

What an emotional ending. Without any dialogue, House of Lies told you everything you needed to know about who Lex is and more importantly, WHY Lex is. Again, Marty is a GREAT father.

Certainly better than me, because I’d have made Roscoe clean his own vomit accessorized purse.

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