Girls Season 3 Review “Incidentals”

Girls Season 3 Episode 8 Incidentals 1

After an entire episode of Girls, through a strong one, without either Adam or Ray last week, I was more than ready to get back to New York and check in on their lives in ‘Incidentals’. And Adam, especially, is in an interesting place after securing his first Broadway role – pretty much my accident – and somehow immediately surpassing all of those ambitious, frustrated and hard-working people around him. He auditioned for the part on a whim but, now that he has a shot at getting everything he didn’t know he wanted, where does that leave his and Hannah’s relationship?

That final bathtub scene addressed a lot of the concerns that had built up in Hannah after her conversation with Patti LuPone, but the conclusion that they both love each other doesn’t feel like a full stop on the issue. Like it or not, Hannah isn’t going to be fulfilled by her job at GQ no matter how much more than her rent they’re paying her, and Adam’s newfound success is bound to cause tensions. In much the same way as her friends, I think Hannah will be loving and supportive just so long as she has hopes of her own dreams coming true. If not, then there’s plenty of room in the bitter club next to Marnie.

And Marnie’s back at rock bottom again this week after she bumps into an old, more successful, friend and Ray dumps her for not being a ‘real’ girlfriend. He has a point but, short of his rekindling things with Shoshanna, I have a hard time imagining where Ray fits into the show without a relationship with one of the girls. Marnie and Ray are so fundamentally different on the show that it’s kind of a match made in heaven, and I’d be sad if this episode marked the end of that strange, twisted romance. With Jessa and Shoshanna kind of drifting with nothing to do right now, we don’t need any more unanchored characters.

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