‘Dallas’ Season 3: Everything You Need to Know About the Premiere

Dallas Season 3 Episode 1 The Return (4)

Dallas doesn’t waste any time getting down and dirty when it returns for a third season of back-stabbing, romance and corporate maneuvering tonight at 9PM ET/PT on TNT. I have all the scoop on the Ewing family drama that you need to know before tuning into the deliciously shocking premiere, appropriately titled “The Return.” Among the highlights: Elena’s awesome factor has been doubled, John Ross has a serious daddy complex and Christopher remains the hottest of them all without ever taking off his shirt (that guy is a sexy wizard).

Get all the scoop below, then tune in to TNT to catch the premiere tonight, Monday, February 24th at 9PM.

John Ross Thinks He Can Fill His Daddy’s Shoes

John Ross swaggers so much in the premiere, he will likely need a hip replacement by the time he turns 40. With his father dead, John Ross is wearing J.R.’s buckle and his watch, but he hasn’t quite grasped his father’s ability to own every room he walks in. While he is busy plotting with Emma, planning a ranch makeover and attempting to push his Uncle Bobby right out of the decision making process, he’s missing the mole in the family’s midst.

He may be on top of the Ewing family empire right now, but so far, John Ross is following in J.R.’s footsteps in all the wrong ways, and it’s likely to catch up with him sooner rather than later.

Elena Is Out For Justice

Note I said justice, not revenge. Elena has transformed herself from the woman the Ewing boys fought over into a major — and I mean major — player this season. Her actions in the pilot are shocking, impressive and surprising– they certainly make a future Christopher/Elena coupling seem complicated. Romance is nowhere near as interesting as what Elena is doing. Plus, there’s a twist at the end that will have you begging for next week to get here faster.

The Ladies Steal The Premiere

It’s not just Elena who is awash with power. The men only think they are pulling the strings this season. Sue Ellen is acting as a firm guiding hand for John Ross, Emma is playing the game both in the boardroom and the bedroom and while Pamela is playing innocent, there is definitely more on her mind than planning her elaborate wedding with her second Ewing.

Added to the mix is the tough new ranch hand Heather, a woman who has no patience for anyone telling her how to do her job and more than a passing interest in Christopher (no one can blame her). She is definitely one to watch as the season progresses.

Bobby Could Be Getting Lost In The New Regime

The episode opens with a touching moment featuring Bobby ruminating over the fact that he is the only one left to care for the ranch. His (mostly) nice guy attitude has won the day more than once in the past, but he might have to channel his late brother if he wants to keep the family from tearing each other apart this season.

He and John Ross can’t agree on anything, and the youngster is trying his best to make serious, detrimental changes to the family Ranch. Meanwhile, Bobby welcomes Elena back with open arms. His home is swimming with people who want nothing more than to rip his family’s legacy away from him, but so far he doesn’t have a battle plan in place to stop them.

Christopher Is Hot, Broody and Sweaty

Okay, so Christopher doesn’t actually have a lot to do in the premiere. However, Dallas is a soap and as a soap aficionado, I feel duty bound to tell you he wins the hottest Ewing competition by a landslide. “The Return” features a scene where John Ross wears nothing but underwear and a hat, and yet Christopher chops some wood while brooding and beats his cousin in overall hotness by breaking a sweat. Trust me, this is very important information.

Dallas Season 3 Episode 1 The Return (6)

Get ready for another terrific season of Dallas, and don’t forget to come back later and let us know what you think of that ending.

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