Castle Season 6 Review “Room 147”

Castle Season 6 Episode 16 Room 147 (8)

When is a locked-door mystery not a locked-door mystery? When it’s the latest episode of “Castle.” Actually, the episode’s title, “Room 147,” conjured up more Stephen King than the likes of Agatha Christie or Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. And for the second week in a row, no less, given the last episode, which revolved around a “Carrie”-like plotline. Could a cameo from the spooky storyteller be far behind?

Whatever the case, this was an interesting spin on a crime that seemed straight-forward on the surface but turned out to be anything but. When an actor turned up dead, it seemed to be an open-and-shut case when a woman turned up and confessed to the crime, knowing intimate details about it, but then it turned out she had an alibi. Then came another confession. And yet another on top of that one. All with inside knowledge about the crime at hand. As Beckett put it, “If I hear that confession one more time, I’m going to shoot someone.”

It turned out to be this insanely convoluted murder involving a Scientology-esque cult that sought to help people with addictions and various other issues through hypnosis and memory implants, sort of in the vicinity of something like “Inception,” only less fantastical, with shades of “A Clockwork Orange.” In the end, though, all of that cult business was smoke and mirrors, as it was actually a fellow actress that did it, hoping to put the cult out of business in retaliation for a sweat lodge incident at the facility that ended up getting her brother killed.

I can’t imagine anyone figuring all this craziness out on their own, which was definitely another thing this particular episode had in common with the whole locked-door mystery thing, as it was basically unsolvable with the clues at hand, which was one of the things that really frustrated me about certain murder mysteries I’ve read over the years. Sometimes these things can’t be solved by any rational human being because the clues given just aren’t enough. That said, I do love it when it all comes together in the end, like those mysteries where who-done-it turns out to be everyone or no one, as in it was an accident of some sort. Those are the hardest mysteries to figure out, because how would you know that, really? How would anyone?

Still, though, I liked the episode, and the general idea was fun, especially the whole notion of an insidious cult trying to cover their bacon via mind control or what have you. I also liked that the symbol for the cult was one of those oddball symbols on the fourth Led Zeppelin record. “Stairway to Heaven’s Gate” is more like it! This was definitely a weird one.

Speaking of weird ones, they also finally got around to explaining Alexis’ atypical behavior as of late. I don’t know if I entirely bought the whole “love haze” explanation Beckett brought up, but at least the writers attempted to try and justify the ridiculous Pi thing. Regardless, she’s back home where she belongs, and that’s a good thing, as I didn’t care for where they took the character for the better part of this season thus far.

Beyond the fun episode with the Miley/Lohan-type character, Alexis has not been used well this season, and as a fan of Molly C. Quinn, I hated to see that happen. Maybe now that she’s back home things will go back to normal a bit. I also liked to see her and Beckett bonding finally, and her not wanting to admit defeat to her father rang true if that whole “love haze” thing didn’t.

All in all, this was a solid episode, if a bit far-fetched. But at least they didn’t try and make it something supernatural-oriented, as they did to a certain extent in several episodes already this season, which was a bit off-putting. Having Castle detail wacky theories is fine, but when you start implying that there might actually be a more sci-fi solution the show goes a bit too far, and it’s done that at least twice this season already. Hopefully, they’ll quit while they’re ahead on that front.

What did you think of the latest episode of “Castle”? Did you have even a clue what was going on here? What did you think of the solution to the mystery? How about the whole EHI thing? Or the notion of memory implants? Glad to see Alexis back home? What did you think of Beckett’s advice to her? Sound off on this down below and I’ll see you next time!