Bitten Season 1 Review “Stalking”

Bitten Episode 7 Stalking (1)

Now halfway through its first season, Bitten has fallen into an unfortunate pattern. There’s lacking build-up to some event, followed by a member of the pack being killed off and a lot of mourning. It’s an exhausting, uninteresting formula that remains in place in “Stalking,” making for another episode that’s a chore to watch.

It’s getting hard to say new things about this show each week. It’s just going at such a slow pace, and the heroes continue to make questionable decisions. Let’s be honest, Jeremy fell for the most blatant, obvious trap when he stopped to help that girl. It’s one thing to want to help people, but he should’ve at least let Antonio be the one to go over and check on her. Granted, it was an odd choice on Santos’ part to not have his muscle, Kane, in the area to attack as well, but the mutts were certainly putting more thought into the encounter than the pack was.

The ambush led to Antonio’s death, which again fell flat for numerous reasons. The show’s done an extremely poor job of developing any of its characters outside of Elena, Clay and Jeremy, so losing Antonio is just not that big a loss. Really, he was only ever a yes man for Jeremy, anyway, meaning the show is fine without him. The other problem is that a member of the pack dies or is mourned every week; it’s not really shocking to see another one die, no matter how high-ranking of a pack member they are.

Meanwhile, the B-stories remain flat and uninteresting. Phillip is tempted by a former lover but ultimately stays true to Elena. Actually, the temptation is barely there, making the whole thing rather pointless. He got that wolf footage he was after, though. Logan, meanwhile, continues to receive a bizarre amount of focus, even as he actively avoids getting involved in the main story. Again, his pregnancy arc has nothing to do with anything, yet we’ve spent two weeks focused on it. Of course, the pregnancy subplot actually has character development and forward progression, which is more than can be said for the main storyline most weeks.

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