The Amazing Race Season 24 Review “Back in the Saddle”

Well, here we are again, folks! Another year, and another season of The Amazing Race. We’re all the way up to season 24 now, so it’s time for another All Star season! It’s a little weird that they didn’t pick a round number like 20 or 25 to roll out another cast of all stars, but whatever.

I’m personally a big fan of All Star seasons. There are Amazing Race fans out there that hate when returning players come back, but I think that they show enough restraint on this show when it comes to asking old players back. They’ve definitely done a lot more “All Star” type seasons of Survivor, and they have returning players on that show all of the time, so I’m fine with The Amazing Race only doing this every once in a while.

However, whenever a show has an all star season, it’s all dependent on the strength of the cast. As far as that’s concerned, I think they did a pretty good job. Sure, they’re bringing back some old favorites, but there’s always going to be some crappy teams to offset the good ones. For every Jet and Cord there’s Team YouTube, and for every Globetrotters there’s The Twinnies. On one hand, I understand the logic behind casting teams like Brendon and Rachel, because loud and obnoxious teams always make for some good drama. On the other hand, there’s nobody that’s actually excited for these teams to return.

One person I was excited to see return, and I didn’t expect it happening at all, was Mallory coming in at the last second to replace the ailing Bopper! You couldn’t help feeling bad for Bop, but I was so happy that he was being replaced by one of my favorite contestants of all time! Mallory seems to always be in a good mood and is one of those contestants that really appreciates the opportunity that she’s been given, so I really hope that she and Mark do well.

After a fun opening challenge at the Rose Bowl in Los Angeles involving the UCLA marching band, the teams made their way to Guangchou, China. There was no drama with anybody fighting to get on better flights, since their flights were all determined ahead of time, so we got straight to the challenges in one of China’s biggest cities!

We weren’t off to a great start, with the wedding dress challenge committing one of my Amazing Race pet peeves. It was one of those challenges where it’s harder if you get there later, which does not seem fair at all. All of the challenges should be the same difficulty no matter when you get there.

I was afraid that the spinning bubbles would be similar, and that the teams who got the correct clues would actually remove them from the bubble, but thankfully that wasn’t the case. By the way, how stinkin’ cool does that tower look? What an amazing way to see the city.

After all of my complaining and bellyaching about the bad teams, I couldn’t have asked for a better team to get out on the first leg! Team Twinny were at each other’s throats the entire leg, and they were somehow able to squander a spot on the first plane and come in dead last place. They didn’t even try to edit it together to make it look close! Here’s hoping that the next couple weeks will knock off Team YouTube and Brenchel, and then I’ll be happy with whoever wins!

Random Thoughts:

– I like to think that the Amazing Race producers read my reviews, because they actually had Phil say which leg you need to hand out your Express Pass by. It’s the fifth leg this time!

– It’s a little weird that Phil yelled “Go!”, and all of the teams turn around and run the opposite direction. Not quite as cool as everybody whizzing past Phil.

– I loved Brendon compulsively chanting “Fight, fight, fight!” along with the UCLA marching band. It must have been pretty cool for him, as a fan and graduate of UCLA, to be in that stadium.