Helix Season 1 Review “Bloodlines”

Helix Episode 8 Bloodline (4)

Helix, you broke my heart this week.

While “Bloodlines” focused on a number of events and developments that were very cool to see, most of the acting, dialogue, and plot contrivances made this a very hard episode to watch. It was like watching an alternate universe, soap opera version of Helix.

A soap opera complete with a mustache twirling villain in the form of Constance Sutton (Jeri Ryan). Gone was all of the charming menace that so wonderfully defined the character last week as she mutated into a torturing, monologuing, run of the mill bad guy. She even had typical evil bad guy one liners!

This proved too much for Alan and Sarah, who tried to kill her. Too bad they were complete buffoons when it came to hiding their assassination attempt! While I’ve never personally tried to kill anyone with an explosive microscope, if I did I certainly wouldn’t make crazy obvious eye contact with my co conspirators as I step away from said explosive microscope!

But the madness doesn’t stop there! When Julia, making her way through the vents to avoid detection, tells Alan and Sarah not to look up, what do they do? THEY LOOK UP!!! And once again, exchange painfully obvious nervous glance at each other in full view of the Ilaria Corporations soldiers!

It’s a good thing Sarah has a knowledge (inexplicably) of a military grade piece of sonic crowd control technology that just happens to be in the room they choose to hide in, and can operate the tech effortlessly. In all fairness, the show at least acknowledges the weirdness of this when Alan looks at her suspiciously. But her line, “A girl’s gotta have hobbies”, isn’t a good excuse when the episode is packed with inconsistencies.

Inconsistent definitely describes Daniel… or is it Miksa? Even he doesn’t seem to know at this point. In less than a day, he went from Hatake’s devoted “son” to actively working against his interests to uncover and expose what’s been going on at the base? Less than 24 hours undoes a lifelong relationship? I don’t buy it.

By the end of the episode, I found myself once again questioning whether or not this show has enough material to last beyond one season. The vectors recovering Peter in a coordinated jail break of sorts is interesting, but raises more questions when we still don’t have any answers to so many others. I hate to keep comparing the show to Lost, but when you have character’s repeatedly saying things like, “All will be revealed”, without it ever happening, you start to lose faith.

Mine is still firm, but the cracks are starting to show. Especially when last week’s episode was so perfect. Most new series have an uneven first season with a clunker or two. Happily this was Helix‘s first. I’m hoping next week puts us back on track and begins to address the faults I’ve mentioned.

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