The Originals Season 1: The Romantic vs The Familial

Apres Moi, le Déluge

Ah, The Originals, the only show who can make you wish its characters were loveless hermits, even as it introduces pretty male werewolf love interests.

It’s all Elijah’s fault — if he hadn’t been so clearly in love with Celeste and if he wasn’t so obviously in love with Hayley now, it wouldn’t be quite so painful to watch the former wreak revenge and the latter being kept at a distance. But it is, and so, like many other fangirls, I watch each episode torn between wanting Elijah to run away with Hayley and just run away period.

As for Hayley, she finally got the opportunity to bond with her werewolf kin…by throwing one heck of a party. It seemed a strange way to go about a proper reunion, but then I suppose everyone likes to let their hair down, especially when they can only do it once per month. That Rebekah somehow found herself a possible beau during said party isn’t really a surprise cos, well, it’s Rebekah, but Hayley finding a fiance? That was unexpected.

On the one hand, it introduces some interesting werewolf politics — the betrothal was done to unite two warring werewolf families. On the other hand, the promised spouse trope is a difficult one to get right, and if any feelings do develop between Hayley and this guy, it’s just going to complicate the Elijah/Hayley/Klaus situation further. Hey show, just because Klaus and Hayley aren’t potentially going to fall madly in love doesn’t mean that she needs another man in her life to complete a love triangle.

But it’s not all about romantic love. Yes, Elijah’s tendency to forgive Klaus over and over…and over again is irritating, but the other examples of familial love on this show are quite lovely. Marcel’s anguish over Davina’s death was genuinely heartbreaking, and even Camille’s worry about her hexed uncle was touching (even though I still think she’s a pointless character overall). It also lead to a fantastic moment when that familial love was inverted and newly reincarnated Monique killed her aunt Sophie.

The only thing that could make Marcel’s anguish and Monique’s betrayal even better is if the dead characters never come back. The fact no death is ever permanent in the TVD/TO-verse is one of its weakest points, taking the edge off the grief the characters are suffering. The more characters that stay dead-dead, the better. Of course, I’ll be taking this back if Klaus or Rebekah somehow end up dead after Celeste’s recent machinations…

What do you think about all of this, dear reader? Do you prefer the romantic love in The Originals to the familial? Do you finding them both equally interesting/annoying? Are you a fan of the new love triangle being set up? And an on a darker note, if you could kill off one character permanently, who would it be? Let us know in the comments below!