Rake Season 1 Review “Bigamist”

Rake Episode 5 Bigamist (5)

Rake returned this week with a case involving a bigamist played by ‘Sopranos’ star Michael Imperioli. The case had Kee trying to work his magic once again for the guilty even while covered in manure. Lucky enough, the prosecution and the judge are former husband and wife, something that would only happen in the land of television.

And where was Michael Imperioli throughout the episode? He lacked a presence with the showrunners playing little on his real acting talents. Even his time on the stand lacked any real excitement and the discovery of his third wife at the close of the episode.

One of the best scenes of the night involved Kee trying to pull a dead bush – his dead bush – out of his yard. Not to mention the Old McDonald dig he gets on Maddy’s new boyfriend. It looks like Kee is still not completley over his ex-wife or does he just miss his old house and his BBQ? It was also great to see Kee defend Mikki’s honor in the elevator and the Valentine’s Day gift he gets from Margaret.

Kee should be nervous, she’s just as sneaky and clever, and she’s out to retaliate. But Kee still holds the title when he shows up at Clay’s with a sappy story for his wife and a warning. And what about that wonderful piece of artwork he brings to them. It was priceless to watch Clay’s wife put it up on a shelf to display. Kee’s plan worked. Clay decides to leave Mikki alone and Kee gets a Valentine’s date….until she stands him up.

It looks like we’ll find out more about Mikki’s decision to stand up Kee next week when he catches her out with another attorney he’s not too fond of. What did you think of tonight’s episode? Leave your comments below.