4 Burning Questions as Revolution Returns!

Miles, Rachel, Edward, Aaron, Nanites, Jason, Julia, Tom, Bass, Connor - Revolution

With the Olympics winding down on NBC, we are poised and ready to hurtle full tilt into the maelstrom of regular programming next week. One of those shows set to return is Revolution. Season 2, episode 14, “Fear and Loathing” will premiere February 26, 2014. According to online sources, the second season will consist of 22 episodes, meaning we have 9 new episodes to look forward to before the season finale.

Revolution certainly has its critics, and if you do any reading about it online, you will see that many people really did not like the first season. When at the end of the first season they nuked the primary locations of much of the action, it was seen as a slate cleaning in preparation for the second season. The consensus seems to be that season 2 is much better as the show seems to have made the necessary changes to increase the appeal.

Truth be told, I enjoyed the first season. Maybe it is because I am desperate for new sci-fi shows on TV. Or maybe I just have different standards than most. Regardless, I am very much enjoying season 2 so far, and looking forward to the remaining episodes. With less than half the season remaining, what threads remain unresolved? Please understand that I do not make predictions, since I am almost always wrong. In fact, I think they recently passed a law in my state to keep me from making predictions about TV shows, or if not, they probably should! Anyway, instead I am going to focus on questions that need answers.

What’s Up With the Nanites?

Fireflys and Aaron - Revolution

Ok, so the Nanites are responsible for the Blackout, and now are in the healing business. They are also directing Aaron and Priscilla, basically forcing them to travel to different places for unknown reasons. So, what is the status of their consciousness? Do they need Aaron’s help to progress further? Or are they just enjoying ordering him around?

And, what exactly is the endgame for the Nanites? What are they planning? Will they take sides in the struggle for power with the Patriots? Are they able to think globally yet, or are they still thinking locally?

Who Exactly are the Patriots?

Rachel, Miles and Edward - Revolution

The Patriots came to town, from Cuba of all places, and are methodically taking over. Supposedly they are former members of the United States government, who fled to Guantanamo Bay after the Blackout. Their tactics are so far reminiscent of the Nazis. They use “re-education camps” on the youth, and tried to wipe out what they considered “undesirables” with typhus in Willoughby, Texas.

One question we do not need answered regarding the Patriots is what do they want? It is quite clear that they want to rule, dominate and otherwise be top dogs. And, they are not going to take no for an answer!

How Many of the Nevilles Will Survive?

Jason, Julia and Tom Neville - Revolution

When last we saw them, the Neville family, Tom, Jason and Julia, were in a nasty pickle. Jason was arrested for breaking into the office of Victor Doyle, Julia’s new husband and a high ranking official of the Patriots. Jason was looking for more information on the plans of the Patriots.

Tom and Julia had been planning to assassinate the President, and naturally were caught before they could succeed. Now Tom and Jason have been sent to execute Bass Monroe, with the threat of the Patriots killing Julia if they fail.

Can Bass Rebuild the Monroe Republic?

Sebastian and Connor - Revolution

Clearly the Patriots see Bass as a threat, even though the Monroe Republic mostly collapsed after the destruction of Philadelphia. Why else would they send an assassin to kill him? Will Neville actually succeed in killing Bass? Or, will his hatred of the Patriots turn into a plan to work with Bass and the others to free Julia and take down the Patriots?

If Bass survives, how will he go about rebuilding the Monroe Republic – a task he proposed to his son Connor? And, is Connor onboard with the idea of doing that? What about Miles? Will he try and stop Bass? I cannot imagine Miles and Rachel being happy about Bass rebuilding! But, is that what might be needed to take down the Patriots?


So many questions! Let’s hope that the remainder of this season comes through with lots of answers. Of course, as is typical, I fully expect that any answered questions will be replaced with new unanswered questions. That keeps it interesting, right? What questions do you have about the rest of season 2 of Revolution? Let me know in the comments section below!