Teen Wolf Season 3 TV Chat – Celebrating the Fans

If you spend any time in a search on Tumblr or Twitter, then you have witnessed how enthusiastic and creative Teen Wolf fans are. From fan fiction to original artwork to video tributes, the Teen Wolf fans have proven themselves to be a very passionate and creative bunch. Such dedication has not gone without notice by the cast and crew, so the show partnered up with Creation Entertainment to salute the fans with a Days of the Wolf convention. Weary from the cold temperatures and seemingly endless snowfall on the East Coast, I decided to pack my bags and head out to Burbank for the inaugural Days of the Wolf con.

The con took place over two days that were filled with panels, contests and photo/autograph opportunities. On day one, fans were treated to panels with Crystal Reed (Allison), Holland Roden (Lydia) and Max and Charlie Carver (Aiden/Ethan). On the final day, the panels featured J.R. Bourne (Chris Argent), Keahu Kahuanui (Danny Mahealani), Tyler Hoechlin (Derek Hale) and the Teen Wolf himself – Tyler Posey (Scott McCall). Fans who purchased a “gold level” package were also treated to a special panel with both Tylers.


Here are a few non-spoilery tidbits from the panels:

– When asked for her ideas about the proper punishment for Peter Hale’s violent attacks and mental manipulation, Holland Roden shared that she’d like to see the sassy wolf behind bars for a long time. While in prison, Roden would like for Peter’s only visitor to be Lydia, who would come by each day and taunt him.

– When asked about what new weapons Crystal Reed would like to see Allison use, she thought it would be a fun change to go back to the basics – a good ol’ fashioned gun. Given what we’ve seen of Chris Argent’s gun collection, I’m sure Allison would have a wide array of options.

– J. R. Bourne thinks that Chris Argent’s mother had a heavy influence on the seasoned hunter and was likely the reason he never turned into Gerard.

– Bourne also shared that he doesn’t think that Chris has properly mourned the loss of Victoria Argent. Like Sheriff Stilinski, Chris still wears his wedding ring.

– Max and Charlie Carver received a warm welcome from the cast when they joined the show. They did admit, however, that they were referred to as “the twins” until everyone was able to tell them apart. Admittedly, I can definitely see the differences between the two in person. I can now watch the show and pick out Max and Charlie without context. Hey – gotta enjoy the small victories!

– The Carvers also shared that it was their idea to have Charlie look as though he enjoyed being beaten by others. That was a great call, as it added a bit of depth/intrigue to Ethan and helped capture his conflicted feelings earlier this season about his former super Alpha status and the cost of obtaining such power.

– Of course, Keahu Kahuanui received a lot of questions about Danny being so close to the supernatural and still being clueless about it all. He got a pretty good laugh when he admitted that Danny might not be the most observant friend. When asked about a certain American werewolf in London, Kahuanui thinks that Danny and Jackson keep in touch.

– Kahuanui also fielded a lot of questions about whether or not he’d like to see Danny become part of the supernatural. He very wisely observed that his odds of survival are probably better if he stays on Team Human and remains completely in the dark about the creatures and mysterious happenings around him. Kahuanui is up for anything Jeff Davis proposes, but would really like it if it didn’t end with Danny’s death. The audience agreed. Everyone loves Danny!

– I attended the Tyler/Tyler panel and got to ask them both where they thought Peter Hale disappeared to when all hell breaks loose in Beacon Hills. Tyler Hoechlin suggested that Peter was off somewhere playing darts and another audience member suggested the strip club, which both Tylers liked. They asked me where I thought Peter was and I suggested some sort of man cave where he monitored Derek’s whereabouts in a room full of monitors with the assistance of some sort of tracking device Peter secretly placed on Derek. They agreed that its not just about where Peter goes, it’s also about how Peter manages to always swoop in at just the right time and pick up the spoils for himself. I kinda like the strip club idea and I think that’s where I’ll imagine Peter is when he goes missing in action from now on. He’ll make it rain while monitoring Derek from a cell phone app.

*Gif from the You Can’t Spell ‘Sassy’ Without Peter Hale Tumblr.*

– Hoechlin shared that he believes Derek is past any jealousy about Scott being a True Alpha and genuinely wants to be a brother to Scott. Investing in Scott, will also mean looking out for Scott’s pack, so we can expect Derek to show more concern about Stiles – instead of choosing to kill him because of the nogitsune. He also said that we will see more interactions between Derek and Kira.

– Hoechlin admitted that he was a huge fan of House of Cards and respectfully asked fans not to share any spoilers about Season 2. He is also a huge Game of Thrones fan. When asked which house he’d belong to, he was pretty quick to declare himself for House Stark of Winterfell. When asked about Derek’s place in the universe created by George R. R. Martin, Hoechlin asked the audience for its input. Most of us immediately said House Stark because of the family’s history of [SPOILER ALERT] misfortune. He also agreed with a fan who suggested that Derek might fit in well with the stags of House Baratheon. Derek and Stannis are a wee bit on the grumpy side. Ultimately, Hoechlin decided that Derek Hale would take the black and join Jon Snow at the wall. I’d watch that or just a single scene in which Derek Baratheon slaps around and rolls his eyes at his Joffrey Lannister Baratheon!

– Posey shared that we can expect more violent showdowns at House McCall. Poor Melissa. The supernaturals are going to ruin her house!

– Posey also shared that he really enjoyed something that Scott says to Deaton in the 3B finale. Good to know we’ll get more Deaton and I can’t wait for their chat. Deaton/Scott scenes are always great.


Of course, no Teen Wolf convention would be complete without a few fan questions about their favorite ships.

– When asked if she preferred Allison/Scott or Allison/Isaac, Reed decided to conduct an informal poll of the audience. The overwhelming majority were still holding out hope for an Allison/Scott reunion. Reed agreed and recognized that the Allison/Scott bond will always have a special place in the show’s history because it was such a core part of the first season.

– Both Reed and Posey asked fans who’d they like to see their characters date and I was pretty surprised at the strong contingency of Lydia proponents out there. Both actors were game for a relationship with the Beacon Hills banshee.

– Interestingly, although fans love Allison and Scott together, they’re also really enjoying the developing relationship between Kira and Scott. Tyler Posey likes the new relationship a lot too and promised to share the positive reception to the new couple with his co-star, Arden Cho.

– J.R. Bourne was asked to weigh in on his preference for his on-screen daughter and he thought that if Chris must accept his daughter’s love for werewolves, he would be Team Scott. Somehow, I think Isaac would be pretty bummed out about that considering all the time he’s been spending with the Argents. Bourne shared that it was nothing personal against Isaac, Chris just knows Scott better.

– Although Bourne agrees that Chris needs to properly mourn Victoria, he said he’d be game to battle it out with the Sheriff and Rafael for the hand of Melissa McCall.

– When asked about “Dethan,” Kahuanui shared concerns about Danny developing a serious relationship with a murderer. As he aptly observed, “at least Lydia knows!” Lydia knowing might actually be worse, but I digress. It’s sorta, kinda informed consent, but I don’t think they’ll be my favorite couple any time soon.


The Days of the Wolf con was a great event that was truly made special by the mutual gratitude between fans and cast. Every single cast member in attendance expressed their sincere thankfulness for fans. As one cast member observed, it was clear that Teen Wolf had truly taken off when they were able to fill Ballroom 20 at the San Diego Comic Con. If your panel is in Ballroom 20 or Hall H – your show is doing pretty well. Hall H is where fans go for panels on Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead. The equally popular Ballroom 20 is where panels for fan favorite shows like Firefly, Community, Sherlock and Psych take place. When I attended Comic Con in 2012, the Teen Wolf panel was in 6A. In just a year, the show went from a room for about 1,000 people to a room for nearly 5,000. Indeed, Teen Wolf, has lots of fans and it was great to see that the appreciation was mutual.

I’ve shared a few low res photos I took from the weekend in the gallery below. If you’d like to see more, I’d suggest running a search on Twitter or Tumblr for #DaysoftheWolf. You won’t regret it! Got any favorite cast moments or in the mood to share your love for the show? Sound off below!