Teen Wolf Season 3 “Letharia Vulpina” Review

So ten minutes into last night’s episode of Teen Wolf and this was me:

Thank you tehcute.com for providing me with the perfect image to capture my feelings. I’ve somewhat collected myself after “Letharia Vulpina,” an episode in which there was a LOT going on.

Despite my lingering feelings of gloom and doom for some of my favorite Beacon Hills residents, I was comforted by the return of a familiar face.

After what I guess was a lot of texting with Scott and a trip all the way to Japan, Dr. Deaton finally returned and reminded us that he’s still in the thick of it – even if we don’t see it all onscreen. Although not a permanent solution, Deaton’s letharia vulpina was clutch. I don’t even want to think about what would have happened between Scott and Stiles the nogitsune had Deaton not arrived with a syringe of mossy poison.

The Hunter, The Banshee and The Sassy Wolf

Deaton was not the only missing in action character that finally returned to Teen Wolf this week. Peter Hale was back with his own agenda and conveniently not at all involved in the ongoing oni/nogitsune showdown. I knew Peter wasn’t done with whatever secrets were in Talia Hale’s nails. With Derek out risking his life to help Scott and unlikely to help Peter unearth Talia’s secrets, Peter turned to the resident banshee for a little help.

It might be more appropriate to say that Peter summoned Lydia and managed to creep her out while doing so by flirting with her clueless mother. I will always be amused by the ease with which the Hale men roam the halls of Beacon Hills High School completely unquestioned.

There were so many bombshells dropped during the Peter/Lydia/Allison exchange I could barely keep up. To begin, Peter takes full credit for providing the “spark” that jump started Lydia’s banshee powers. He revealed that he knew what she was and that he attacked her because he wanted her as a backup plan in case his nephew and/or the Argents caught up with him and killed him. According to Peter, he knows all about how the banshee’s ability works and he wants to help Lydia fully harness her power.

The exchange was peppered with some really hostile back and forth with Allison. That jab about Aunt Kate had to hurt. It was the bickering between Allison and Peter that resulted in Lydia “reading” the secrets in Talia’s nails. So it looks like the location of the nemeton wasn’t the only secret Talia took from Peter . . .

Maury Povich – Beacon Hills Style

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Let’s officially welcome Peter Hale to the Beacon Hills DILF club. I’m sure that Chris Argent will be there to welcome him with open arms – if he manages to survive the nogitsune’s tricks and manipulations. So Peter is Malia’s dad. That’s all we got. Who knows why Talia took that information away from him or what Malia’s (adoptive?) father knows about his daughter’s history.

This twist will have to play out a bit more before I make any final calls on whether I like it or not. The Teen Wolf fan tumblrs are full of speculation that Peter was supposed to be revealed as Jackson’s father, which of course had to be changed once Colton Haynes left the show. I’m not exactly sure how that would have worked either, as we had a decent amount of information about Jackson’s birth parents – none of which seemed to implicate Peter. That aside, that would have been a really interesting storyline.

Sacrificial Fox Tails

So both of Kira’s parents are in on the supernatural secret. Mrs. Yukimura is set on taking down the nogitsune and sacrificing her fox tails in furtherance of her mission. I’m sure she won’t be very happy to learn that her daughter helped Scott keep the oni from putting an end to the nogitsune (and Stiles). This family needs to have a talk.

Now that we know Mr. Yukimura is in on the secret, can we trust anything he told Allison about the strange messages on her phone? Is this another Morrell-like misdirect? Remember “the kanima needs a friend” not a master. Do you think Allison ever asked Lydia if she knew Japanese? It’s totally possible that Lydia got bored and decided to take up yet another new language.

Other supernatural thoughts, observations and a wee bit of speculation . . .

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– Why didn’t Scott take the twins along on his take away the pain tour?

– I would never want Stiles to hurt Scott, but Dylan O’Brien is undeniably terrific at playing his possessed alter ego.

– So the nogitsune reacts badly to being offended. Silverfinger saw the business end of that “bad reaction” this week and it should follow that Chris Argent is next on the list – unless it takes a detour to give a little payback to Deaton.

– Speaking of the Argents, I’m really starting to suspect that Stiles might be a red herring or has a partner in crime who has not been identified yet. Allison is on the top of my list of suspicious people that are currently under the radar. I have a hard time believing that the fact we’ve seen both Allison and Stiles being possessed is a mere coincidence. Of course, we can’t forget Silverfinger’s words to Chris about the necessity of destroying the nogitsune (and its host) – even if it was his own daughter. There’s also the issue last week of Allison’s phone being mysteriously turned off when the pack was out searching for Stiles. The source and content of the messages on her phone, in my opinion, remain an unsolved mystery. It was also a bit curious that Allison was at the hospital with Isaac all night and he’s not healing. We’ve seen Allison break into way too many buildings to think that the hospital staff could keep her out of Isaac’s room. There are way too many unanswered questions about Allison this season, which makes me suspect we’re in for a big reveal.

– Similarly, the always brilliant and insightful Teen Wolf fans on tumblr posed a very interesting theory about how there is always a misdirect when it comes to the identity of the season’s “big bad.” In season 1, we started out thinking it was Peter. Peter was not innocent, but the revelation about Kate’s role in the Hale fire proved that she was truly the baddest of them all. In season 2, we thought it was the kanima and Matt, but ultimately Mountain Ash Argent revealed himself to be quite menacing. In the first half of this season, the super Alphas made a bloody, murderous splash, but in the end it was all about Darachifer. The same could follow here. We’re focused on Stiles now, but I still think there’s something worse lurking in the dark shadows of Beacon Hills.

– In an episode packed with action and unexpected revelations, the soaring levels of Kira’s badassery was not lost on me. Way to go!

Pow! Right in the feels.

Gif from pandawhale.com.

Of course, it wouldn’t be an episode of Teen Wolf without a swift kick in the feels. Here are some of the highlights from last night’s episode:

– Melissa’s grief over her boys – Stiles and Isaac.

– Allison and Scott supporting each other as friends while visiting Isaac.

– Coach Finstock being worried about Stiles.

– Coach insisting that the lacrosse team (or are they cross-country) write a moving, personalized get well message for Isaac.

– Coach Finstock taking an arrow to the gut!

-Derek saving Chris Argent’s life.

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The Real Victims

In last week’s review, I asked if Stiles had replaced Isaac in terms of brutality and pain. I spoke way too soon. Poor, poor Isaac. However, despite their pain and torture, Stiles and Isaac are not the real victims here. Nope. It’s the normal, non-supernatural, clueless about the supernatural Beacon Hills students who just want to go to school and live to receive a diploma. Except Greenberg. Greenberg will be the last man standing.

Okay, Teen Wolf fans, we’ve got lots to process as we wait for the next Moon Day. As always, I want to hear your thoughts, observations and speculations. Sound off below!

*Teen Wolf gifs from the show tumblr, Never Love a Wild Thing.