Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Review “Free Fall”

On the latest episode of “Pretty Little Liars,” things finally came to a head with the Ezra situation in “Free Fall.” As my readers know, I was firmly on the side of those believed that Ezra was not, in fact, “A” and was perhaps either being blackmailed by “A” and trying to figure out who it was, and/or maybe even working undercover with the cops to do so. Well, I came pretty close to being right, if not quite on the money, as it turned out that Ezra was actually working overtime to research a true crime-style book on Ali’s murder.

I was, however, right on the money in that he had an affair with her back in the day, and knew that she was alive and had likely faked her own death, and was following and spying on the girls to prove it. So, I was about 50/50 on that one, if one allows that Ezra was telling the truth, which may not be the case. However, I thought his explanation made perfect sense in terms of lining up with what we do know to be true. Notice that, at no point did he say anything about terrorizing the girls, and was only seen following and spying on them, not actively trying to hurt them- that we know of.

I think his feelings for Aria were genuine, even if he got involved with her for all the wrong reasons, and their relationship was built on a lie, essentially, as he confirmed he knew exactly who she and the girls were going into his job at the school, and used that to get closer to them to find out what had really gone down with Ali for his book. All of this adds up to me, as does his using Mona to help- who I think has actually fallen for Mike as Ezra did for Aria before her.

I also totally called it on the Spencer situation, as I suspected she would end up getting framed for using those prescription pads to score drugs to fuel her pill-popping. That proved unnecessary, as not only did she fly off the rails on her own, but was so desperate to score she got herself busted by repeatedly calling the doctor, posing as her mother, which came back to bite her in the end. So, Ezra didn’t even have to try very hard to make that whole situation explode, but in the end, it was a slip of the tongue that got him, as Aria caught him revealing some things he shouldn’t have known.

That said, the revelation that Spencer had problems with pills in the past already, and had, in fact, even done the blacking-out and sleepwalking thing before to boot might well lend credence to my potential split personality theory. Although, I still think it could just as easily be Ali with the split personality as Spencer. I’m definitely on the fence about that one.

However, I think what we’ve got here is several teams working towards different goals. On Team One, we’ve got Ezra and Mona and possibly at least one other person trying to prove Ali wasn’t dead and her murder was faked, in order to provide fodder for Ezra’s true crime novel. On Team Two, we’ve got Ali and Shana testing the waters in Rosewood to see who Ali can trust or not, particularly amongst the girls.

The real question is, who is “A,” really? Is Ezra lying about the book and actually the one terrorizing the girls, going easy on Aria for the most part because his feelings for her are genuine? Or is Ali the real “A” and just messing with the girls because she knows Ezra’s close to figuring out what she’s doing and that she’s alive, and that he’s involved with Aria, and thus, she can’t entirely trust the girls? (The lone exception being Emily, who she may just be using because she’s vulnerable and a bit naïve when it comes to Ali- hence her trying to meet with Emily alone that time.) Or is “A” someone else altogether?

I’m beginning to wonder if the latter isn’t true. Ezra’s explanation makes sense, but then so does Ali’s. Given that Ezra actually is looking for her, she’s not wrong to be worried that someone’s onto her, which makes her actions make sense as well. What both of them don’t know is that neither one is “A” then, instead thinking each other to be the one. As in: Ali thinks Ezra might be “A” and terrorizing the girls, while Ezra is convinced Ali is doing the same thing, with the girls getting caught in both of their crossfire by default, as well as being terrorized by yet another culprit, aka the “real” “A.”

So, basically, if I’m right, the girls are getting messed with by a wide variety of people, of which “A” is only one and/or part of another, as yet unrevealed team, perhaps one involving someone else, like Cece, Melissa or Jenna, or a combination of them all, or even some of the adults, like the therapist played by Annabeth Gish, Dr. Sullivan, or maybe even Ezra’s mother. In fact, we already know that the therapist was working with someone, although that could have been Ezra manipulating her to take part in his book scheme. (It was definitely someone she knew, we know that much.)

Some great, intense scenes in this episode, such as the reptile house bit and especially the big confrontation with Ezra and Aria in the woods and on the ski lift. That was pretty scary, to be sure, and just who was that who gathered up Ezra’s manuscript? The obvious answer was Ezra himself, who one would think would have gone back for it, but what if someone else got to it before he did? I think Mona was almost certainly the girl at the zoo who came to the meet-up, but maybe she nabbed the rough draft, too.

Definitely a lot to mull over and at least I know I wasn’t completely off the mark in some instances, which is nice. I’m usually terrible at figuring out more long-term mysteries, though I do alright with crime-of-the-week type shows more often than not. There’s a simple formula to that, though, whereas on “Pretty Little Liars,” we’re already in the fourth season and there’s still plenty we don’t know. Whatever is actually going on, it’s certainly complicated!

So, what do you think? Am I on the right track in my line of thinking lately? I came pretty close to being right about the Ezra thing, and I was essentially right about where the Spencer thing was headed, although it proved unnecessary, as she didn’t even need to be framed to get busted- her own actions gave her away. Granted, we only know what we are shown and told, and who knows how much of it is a lie, and how much of it is the truth? That’s the beauty of the show, really, if you think about it. Even what you think you know you may not entirely know. Let me know what you think you know down below, and I’ll see you next week for the big Aria meltdown!