‘Castle’ Season 6: The Wedding is Coming (Right?!)

Kate-Castle Wedding Dress

The upcoming wedding of mystery novelist Richard Castle (series lead Nathan Fillion) and Detective Kate Beckett (series lead Stana Katic) has been foremost in the minds of Castle fans ever since Castle got down on bended knee, asking Kate to marry him.

Throughout the show’s current, sixth season the couple has, after much discussion, figured out when their wedding was going to take place only to have it changed yet again; Kate seemingly finding the right wedding dress thanks in great part to fashion magazine queen Matilda King (guest star Frances Fisher) [but don’t get me started on that dress, though, as I wasn’t really sold on it, but Kate obviously was]; and for a brief time they found the right venue for the big day only to lose out on that amazing location because of a brief hesitation on Kate’s part.

And, thanks to last night’s episode they “found” their song after Kate assumed that “Witchcraft” by ole blue eyes himself Frank Sinatra was the one and Rick assuming that “Dancing in the Dark” by the Boss Bruce Springsteen was it. Their song, in case anyone is wondering, is called “In My Veins” by Andrew Belle, featuring Erin McCarley. This is the song the couple danced to at the prom in last night’s episode and it was also the song that played in season four’s season finale when Kate finally went to Rick, admitting her feelings for him and their sharing that amazing kiss.

But the big question still remains: Are we going to actually see the wedding take place this season? The fans certainly want to see it especially given the fact that they have been waiting all this time for it to finally take place.

Of course, once the wedding does take place – whenever that might actually be – what will happen to the couple next? Fans can surmise all they want about what the couple will do next, such as keep working together at the precinct, and will they be permitted to do so – it’s worked all this time, right? Will they stay in Rick’s place with his mother; awkward, right, but it’s not really different than their current situation. And what about their future? Will they want to have kids like supposed time traveler Simon Doyle (guest star Joshua Gomez of Chuck fame) told them earlier this season? And will Kate take a run in politics, again as told to them by Simon. Or will they veer off in a different, unexpected direction?

The future possibilities are endless and your guess is as good as mind, but it will ultimately by up to series creator Andrew Marlowe and his writing team to make those decisions, and quite frankly, I don’t envy them that at all! There are a lot of fans waiting with baited breath.

‘Castle’ will air the next new episode of its sixth season on ABC on Monday, February 24 at 10/9c.