The Following Season 2 Review “Reflection”

The Following Season 2 Episode 5 Reflection (7)

On the latest episode of “The Following,” the show continued its rapid pacing in “Reflection,” once again cutting to the chase, in this case literally, as we picked up where we left off with Max tailing the temperamental Giselle while Ryan makes haste to catch up. Once again, things didn’t necessarily go as expected, as Ryan and Max actually caught up to her and captured her, rather than what one might think, which was either Max getting hurt and/or kidnapped her own self in the process. Instead, they tied Giselle up, did a little good cop/bad cop routine on her, and off Ryan went to meet up with her contact.

Once there, once again, things went in a different direction, as Ryan got the jump on Jamel and Luke, shooting the former and evading the latter after getting slightly injured in the ensuing shoot-out. Shortly thereafter, Giselle got loose and caught up to Luke, only to get unceremoniously dropped by Ryan after leading him to believe she’d killed Max in her escape, which was a lie. Thus far, needless to say, Ryan’s “We don’t need no stinking cops”-approach is reaping pretty great dividends, save his getting a bit banged up in the process.

Granted, Luke got away, and he lost his only lead to finding Lily’s hide-out, but still: two more down. Add that to the fact that Emma said that all of Joe’s followers are dead or in jail, save her, and Joe’s numbers are decidedly thinning. And we still don’t know what Lily is up to, so that could be some “long con”-style trick or something. The theory that she’s trying to make Joe into the patriarch of the “family” of misfits she’s assembled isn’t a bad one, but I think there’s more to it than that, though I couldn’t tell you what it is yet. Be that as it may, it didn’t stop Joe from sleeping with her, after reconsidering her “offering” in the form of an art student Lily kidnapped and put in a cage for Joe’s entertainment. Real nice, lady.

That was about it, save Mike seeing the first evidence that Joe is actually still alive and kicking, courtesy of a pic of him and Mandy. We also learned that Mark isn’t big on being touched, and prefers to do the touching himself, and that he’s sweet on Emma, who still hung up on Joe and not too trusting of her new “family,” which she didn’t hesitate to tell Joe, who said he had some plans of his own. Can’t wait to see what that is, but as of now, it apparently involves shaving and bedding the lady of the house. Oh, and doing God knows what to that poor art student.

This wasn’t that eventful an episode in terms of forward plot momentum, I suppose, but it was never less than engaging, and swiftly-paced, so what it lacked in story development, it made up for in terms of intensity and action. Besides, I get the feeling that the show is determined to avoid repeating itself at every turn, but it’s doing so in a clever way in that it’s repeating many of the set-ups from the first season while tweaking them in unexpected ways to keep you guessing.

It’s kind of akin to what creator Kevin Williamson did with “Scream 2” in comparison to the first one- the format is essentially the same, but he’s turning it on its head at every turn because he doesn’t want to simply repeat the first one’s formula and take the easy way out. Now, that said, the show is somewhat in danger of writing itself into a corner, what with the house of misfits angle, but I get the feeling from the way things have progressed that we won’t be spending that much time at casa de wackos.

After all, if you look at this season and where it is in comparison to where things were last season, we’re way ahead of the curve, storyline-wise. From the looks of next week’s preview, things are already about to come to a head at the house or they’re close to it. I do think Joe has another plan that has nothing to do with what Lily’s up to, and as such, it’s only a matter of time before he takes the reins of that situation and takes over with whatever that plan may be, probably getting rid of everyone else in the process, if Ryan doesn’t do it first. Well, save maybe Emma- she’s a wily one.

Granted, the “Scream 2” denouement wasn’t as satisfying as the one in the original, but then, how could it be, really? Once a formula has been established, it’s awfully hard to top the original, but just as “Scream 2” was a cut above most sequels, I have high hopes that this season will be as well. I guess we’ll see, but so far, so good.

What did you think of “The Following” this week? Satisfied with the direction things are headed? Think you know where things are going already, or is the show keeping you guessing, too? What do you think Joe’s plan is? How useful will Lily prove to be, if at all, and will Joe end up killing her? Or will Emma? How about those creepy twins? Make your predictions below and I’ll see you next time!