In The Mood For Romance? Try The CW’s Star-Crossed

star-crossed review

Are you in the mood for a new romantic show to add to your TV schedule? Let me introduce you to The CW’s new series, Star-Crossed.

In the sci-fi series, an alien spacecraft crash-landed on Earth 10 years before our story begins. Out of it came an alien species called the Atrians, who turns out are pretty much humans with tattoos on their faces and bodies. Although they are being kept in a heavily guarded camp, it seems that the Atrians have been acclimated to their new life on Earth and as a step towards their integration into human society, seven teen Atrians are enrolled in a human high school. One of these Atrian teenagers is Roman (Matt Lanter), the son of one of the Atrian leaders. He soon connects with Emery (Aimee Teegarden), a human girl, who incidentally had encountered and helped him 10 years ago when the Atrians first arrived. Unfortunately, the tensions between the two races threaten their attraction for each other, and some of it might hit closer to home than either of them would have hoped.

Star-Crossed is certainly not a perfect show (I mean, the aliens are humans with tattoos!) but as a huge fan of romance, I am not ashamed to say that I totally fell in love with the first episode. While you could focus on the elements that don’t work, I decided that the elements that did work were enough for me to want to keep watching. As I mentioned, the romance plays a big part in my enjoyment of the series, but I am also curious to find out more about the Atrian culture, which we get more glimpses into in the second episode.

Speaking of the second episode, while the pilot is heavy on the romance aspect of the show, the second episode, “These Violent Delights Have Violent Ends,” delves a little more into the political aspect of this new world. We also get a couple of revelations that will come into play later on in the season. However, I do hope the series ends up having a better balance of romance and political storylines in future episodes. The CW’s other series Reign has found that perfect balance and if Star-Crossed can evolve in the same way, it’s going to be another not to miss CW series and very addicting.

Star-Crossed will certainly not please everyone, but the romantics at heart might find enough to enjoy in this new sci-fi Romeo & Juliet type romance.

Star-Crossed premieres tonight, Monday February 17th, at 8pm on The CW. In the meantime, enjoy more photos from the cast below.

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