Girls Season 3 Review “Beach House”

Girls Season 3 Episode 3 She Said OK 1

I was slightly worried about what an episode of Girls might look like without either Ray or Adam around to call attention to the girls’ (and the show’s) shortcomings but, with ‘Beach House’, we got an insight into what they think about each other even without that outside perspective around. The guys know how vapid and ridiculous these characters are, and so do the audience, but this is one of the first times we’ve witnessed that self-awareness of the central group itself.

The tensions between the four girls have been like a ticking time bomb since the very beginning of the series and, especially with Hannah and Marnie’s fraught bond, that has been one of the things that has kept people watching. It’s the underlying nastiness that makes Girls such an interesting watch from week to week, and this episode highlighted many of the fatal flaws that are so ingrained in the characterization of Hannah, Marnie, Shoshanna and Jessa. Why are they friends? And can they ever be such a close knit group again after so many resentments have been aired.

These friendships are probably more true to life than pretty much anything else on television, with the ways in which they change and fracture over time and, now that the central dynamic of the show has imploded so spectacularly, maybe we must now watch as they find their way back to the seductive comfort of childhood friendships. But as any post-college twentysomething knows all too well, sometimes the friends you leave adolescence and young adulthood with aren’t necessarily the best ones to help you grow into a fully fledged adult.

That seems to be what has happened to this group and, with plenty of season three to go and presumably more episodes after that, it’s slightly disappointing that this will only be a temporary blip in the otherwise rosy relationships between them. I was impressed with the show’s look at the competing priorities of a young writer in last week’s episode, and this installment also felt like a true and honest depiction of changing female friendships when you hit your mid-twenties.

Girls is feeling more relevant and bitingly real than ever this year, and that’s something forgiving viewers have been waiting for since the pilot. What did you think of the episode? Can the girls repair their friendships? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.