Bitten Season 1 Review “Committed”

Bitten Episode 5 Bitten (3)

What does it say about Bitten that “Committed” was probably its most jam-packed episode, and yet it was still a slow, plodding affair? Though this episode featured action and torture scenes, the main plot continued to limp along with no real development. Seeing as the season is now halfway through, it’s becoming less likely that things will ever pick up.

Elena once again decided to leave the pack, only to end up back at Stonehaven by episode’s end. At least this time she was away for a full episode, but it’s hard to get invested in anything related to her relationship with Phillip. She continues to lie and hide things from him, so they seem doomed to fall apart sooner or later. This inevitability makes it frustrating to watch a whole subplot dedicated to Elena winning over Phillip’s mother at a wedding; how much will any of this really matter?

I felt similarly about Logan and Rachel’s pregnancy subplot. This whole arc came out of nowhere, and took up an inordinate amount of screen time considering they’re both recurring cast members who’ve had fairly little development up to this point. If anything, it feels like the sort of “everyone gets a storyline” mentality that bogs down True Blood, and it’s the last thing the slow-paced Bitten needs.

In regards to the pace, this episode dropped a lot of the promise of last week’s cliffhanger ending. We learned that Santos had sought out Elena’s former abuser, offering to change him so he could seek out revenge. Given that Elena told Phillip about her abuse at the top of the hour, how much more interesting would it have been to see him show up at the wedding instead of Santos himself?

Equally frustrating was the challenger arriving at Stonehaven. This started out promising, with Jeremy finally showing off the combat skills that keep him at the top of the pack, but this quickly went nowhere as well. The rest of the episode was spent showing Clayton torture the mutt for information that the audience already knows. Everything is stumbling along so slowly, it’s hard to stay invested or care what’s happening to anyone.

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