Beauty and The Beast Season 2 Review “Redemption”


The showrunners of Beauty and The Beast really know how to catch the attention of fans. Tonight’s episode ‘Redemption’ opened with the tease of Vincent and Cat getting back together, but was quickly nixed when Vincent jumped up from his dream. He’s still hoping to get back together with Cat. Meanwhile, she’s trying to keep Tess in check at the fake funeral of Gabe.

Gabe reacts funny, but normal to the details of his funeral when he wants to know who attended. Cat has to remind him that its all a ploy to track Sam, who thinks he’s safe from being discovered. Once again Cat and Vincent are paired up since Gabe can’t go out in public. Gabe’s decision to keep Cat safe with the help of Vincent is bound to back fire on him even if Vincent is trying to stay a gentleman for now.

Seeing Vincent return to his old life as a doctor was refreshing even if it was part of the case. Another highlight of the episode was seeing Cat pay her father a visit in jail. Cat gets pretty angry when her father tells her she needs to kill Vincent. She doesn’t spend much time dwelling on the possibility because Sam is already making a go at creating his very own beast and the only person that can help is Vincent. J.T. has a point when he talks about Vincent not being able to shake his beast side. Unfortunately, J.T. isn’t willing to cut Vincent some slack either. He wants Vincent to take on Sam’s beast with Vincent against morphing back and forth. Vincent goes MIA with Gabe determined to come out of hiding. Did you think Sam and Barnes were one in the same?

J.T.’s decision to tell Cat about Vincent’s decision to try and redeem himself makes things interesting. The fight scene between Jacob and Vincent seemed to ignite some of Cat’s old feelings. The visuals weren’t too shabby for the CW either. It looks like the storyline between Cat and Vincent is starting to take a turn once again.