Almost Human Season 1 Review “Disrupt”

Almost Human Season 1 Episode 11 Disrupt (3)

In an ongoing effort to bury their new show under insurmountable competition, FOX has aired their new episode of Almost Human, “Disrupt,” up against the Olympics and on a holiday. It’s a shame that they seem to be burning off the episodes by airing them up against such stiff competition, but I guess I just have to be happy about the episodes that we get!

Tonight’s episode investigated the world of high-tech security, as we open on a man and his wife being killed by their smart home. We quickly find out that it’s all tied into a young man who was also killed by a smart home, and there are people who are seeking revenge on the ones who designed this security system.

I don’t know if I was just reading too much into the themes of the episodes, but it sure seemed like they were picking up on a few recent events from our own society. The whole Aaron Kasden bit seemed like a veiled metaphor for the Treyvon Martin shooting. The concept of a security system mistakenly shooting a young man seemed a little too close to be a coincidence, and all of the uproar over his death and the “I support Aaron Kasden” messages were very similar to the social response that our own society had to Martin’s death. I don’t want to discuss the actual real-life death of Treyvon Martin or anything, but I do think it’s interesting that they chose to write a story that’s so similar, if that is indeed what’s happened here.

The other interesting reference to real-life events was the introduction of Disrupt, a “hacktivist” group that shares a lot of similarities with the actual hacking group Anonymous. Again, I’m not sure if this was intentional, but I think it’s interesting if they are choosing to take events from our time and transpose them into the future. It could be interesting if they go this route in future episodes. There are a lot of other police dramas and procedural shows that will have “ripped from the headlines” stories on certain episodes, and I know that the Treyvon Martin case has already been covered on other shows, but it could be pretty cool to see our current day headlines being explored through a futuristic perspective.

The actual case itself was pretty cool, too. The climactic final showdown at the Synturion headquarters was really cool, with the definite highlight being Kennex getting split into multiple holograms to throw off the bad androids. It was cool having that hacker guy in his ear the whole time, too. I wonder if we’ll see Nico in future episodes, since he really seemed to enjoy himself helping out the cops. He kept talking about how much fun he was having, and he seemed pretty indispensable during that mission.

We didn’t have many scenes tonight as far as an ongoing storyline, but we did have some interesting developments with Dorian. We find out that he had some real-life memories installed into his system of a young boy in a hospital bed, and neither Kennex nor Rudy have any idea where they came from. I’m not sure what to expect here. We haven’t heard anything else about androids having memories like that, so I don’t know exactly what the implications are. Like, is it a bad thing for him to have memories? Did somebody just put a few scenes of a human child in a hospital bed for the heck of it? I’m not sure if somebody is just messing with Dorian, or if there are even more nefarious reasons for these visions in his head. Oh, and you know that their decision to keep this a secret from Dorian is going to blow up in their face when he finds out, by the way.

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Random Thoughts:

– If you’re a millionaire, why don’t you just spring the extra few bucks for a heated pool? Were they just covering it so they could walk on it? It seems like it would be way too easy for it to accidentally close on you while you’re using it.

– It was pretty funny that Karl Urban got to use his native Australian accent, albeit an exaggerated version of it.

– As soon as they said that Kennex and Stahl would have to dress up to fit in at a hedonistic rave, I was totally expecting them to dress Minka Kelly in the most revealing outfit possible. Good for them for showing some restraint and just putting her in a tight shirt and blue wig!