Monroe and Rosalee – Grimm’s Most Adorable Wesen Couple

Monroe and Rosalee - Grimm

With the Olympics giving us a two week break in the action for all NBC programming, and seeing as how it is Valentine’s Day, I would like to take some time to reflect on love. Specifically, that adorable and loving couple on Grimm, Monroe and Rosalee!

Now, if you have read my articles in the past, you know that I am not big on romantic relationships between main characters in dramas. However, that said, I have made some exceptions over the years, most notably Michael and Fiona on Burn Notice. Those two belonged together, and in general, their relationship did not detract from the action, which is my main reason for objecting to the concept. So far on Grimm, the same can be said of Monroe and Rosalee. In fact, I think that their relationship actually enhances the action and story line.

Two Different Type of Wesen

Monroe and Rosalee - Grimm

Let’s start with the basics. Wesen, the creatures of the show, come in different species. Monroe is a Blutbad, which is a wolf-like creature. Rosalee, on the other hand, is a Fuchsbau, which is a foxlike creature. I like to think of these differences as similar to the difference between a human and a Vulcan.

Monroe is actually a subset of Blutbad, known as a Wieder Blutbad, which means he has chosen to forgo feeding on humans, and instead controls his animal instincts through a strict lifestyle of a vegetarian diet, drugs and exercise.

Fuchsbau, being foxlike, are known for being sly and cunning. They do not feed on humans, but do have powerful enough jaws to inflict significant damage in a fight.

Family Troubles

Monroe's parents - Grimm

The cliffhanger before the break for the Olympics involved Monroe’s parents. First we find out they do not approve of him marrying out of species, and then who shows up, but Nick – and the fur starts to fly over Monroe being friends with a Grimm!

Rosalee’s mom seemed ok with her dating Monroe, but her sister insulted Monroe for his species during a very uncomfortable family dinner and later when alone, threatened him with harm if he ever broke Rosalee’s heart.

I have said this before in other articles, but sci-fi and fantasy stories are good ways to explore human behavior in a non-threatening way. Monroe’s parents want their son to marry “his own kind,” in this case a Blutbad. Among humans, racial and ethnic differences can be viewed in the same way, and for the Star Trek fans out there, we saw similar attitudes with interplanetary romances, first and foremost Mr. Spock’s parents.

Questions About Procreation

Monroe and Rosalee - Grimm

I read an interesting article about whether or not it would even be possible for a half human-half Vulcan child such as Mr. Spock to be conceived, let alone survive to be born. I am not a geneticist, but the point of the article was to say, no, it would not be possible, considering the different physiologies involved. Granted, in the future who knows what technological advances we might have, but technology does not solve all issues.

There are similar questions about whether or not Monroe and Rosalee could have a child together. I am happy to report that this was actually addressed in the season three episode “Stories We Tell Our Young,” and the answer is that yes, it’s possible, and is called a Vorherrsch situation in which the more “dominant” Wesen type will determine what the child is. However, there are health risks for the fetus.

Just Adorable

Monroe and Rosalee - Grimm

Only the most stone hearted among us cannot see just how adorable these two are together. I mean, come on now, just look at that picture!

Moving beyond the adorable, they actually complement each other quite well. Monroe is really just a big kid at heart, loving model trains and clocks. He’s sweet and sentimental. Rosalee, for her part, plays the more measured adult, remaining calm in a crisis, and that is a very good thing because there is always a crisis on Grimm! She tackles problems head on, reasoning her way to a solution. She also has mad skills with beakers, mortar and pestle! Without her, Nick would still be a semi-zombie.


What do you think of Monroe and Rosalee? Do you think their love will survive their families’ resistance? Will they have a little bundle of joy in the future? Let me know what you are thinking in the comments section below! Oh, and Happy Valentine’s Day!