Rake Season 1 Review “Cannibal”

Rake Episode 4 Cannibal (2)

Rake opened with a tense and squeamish scene! Pulling a molar out with a pair of channel locks can only be something a desperate man resorts to. Kee is definitely desperate! The scene also shows just how much Kee and his lady friend, Mikki, are toeing the line between business and an actual, personal relationship. Just when you think he can’t sink any lower into the pathetic depths – that is his life – he redeems himself by helping Ben sort out those confusing feelings of guilt, freedom and relief after his dad’s funeral. The two sit and drink while they take jabs at Ben’s late father.

This week’s legal case for Kee involved a cannibal who claimed he was innocent of murder by insisting that his victim committed suicide prior to eating him. The case didn’t take center stage. Kee seemed preoccupied after he finds out Mikki has retired. There’s also a small problem with his ex-wife who accuses him of sleeping with his son’s English teacher. By the looks of it Finn may be the one sleeping with his teacher. Kee does manage to track down Mikki, but doesn’t have much to say when she tells him that she was paid to play a role and doesn’t share the same feelings as him. It looks doubtful that Kee could win his case this time around. Not only is he preoccupied, but his client’s wife has destroyed the only known evidence that could help prove his innocence when it comes to murder.

Kee manages to find another source for the video that frees his crazy client, who gives him advice about being honest with the ones he loves. At the close of the show it looks like Kee might be able to test that theory when he comes home to find Mikki waiting for him, and that’s not the only surprise. The scene ends with Kee about to be hit head on by a car.