Twisted Season 1 Review “Dead Men Tell Big Tales”

Twisted Episode 12 Dead Men Tell Big Tales (4)

The mid-season premiere of Twisted, ‘Dead Men Tell Big Tales’, definitely marked a shift in what the show is going to be about from now on, with no time to regroup and even less to catch up on the events of the season’s first half. The big news is Vikram and his not-dead status coming back to haunt Danny and the girls but, though his return was pretty huge for the show, it’s what his return inspired in Danny that I found most interesting. Though the first half of the season had us half-believing that Danny was a sociopath who had killed his Aunt as a child, we now know that not to be true.

Though this isn’t unexpected, given that he’s one of three heroes on an ABC Family show, it does change things fundamentally. What I found so interesting about Twisted from the start was this ambiguity around Danny’s character, and the ways in which Lacey and Jo saw through the facade in their own way, but now that intrigue has been dissolved slightly. Now it’s a straight ‘who framed me’ mystery, with three (or four if you count Rico) heroes fighting for justice.

On the surface, that’s less interesting and unique but, then again, other series don’t have characters this strong to carry us through. Danny might not have killed his aunt, but that doesn’t make him a normal, functioning member of society. He spent five years in jail covering up for a crime he saw his father commit, doesn’t know the reason, and has had to endure whispers, stares and torment even since returning to his home town. That would mess up even the most emotionally secure kid, and Danny’s home life doesn’t suggest his life was roses beforehand, either.

And, just because we know that Danny didn’t kill either Tara or Regina, and it is most likely his father was the killer of both women, there’s room for another secret in our gang’s lives. That would come in the final moments when, having gotten minimal answers from the man himself, Danny accidentally pushed Vikram over an inconveniently high cliff. After years of watching mystery shows like Twisted, it’s a pretty safe bet that neither Jo nor Danny will tell anyone what really happened, but I’m curious as to whether they’ll let either Lacey or Rico into the inner circle this time around?

Other things that were set up include two new characters – Jack and Danny-lookalike Charlie – with the latter probably having some connection to Vikram (maybe Danny and Jo’s half-brother, making their romantic union icky?). With Vikram dead (I’m assuming) one measly hour after he was reintroduced, I have no idea where the show goes from here but, with the willingness to remove the easy answer this early on, I’m certainly intrigued to find out. What did you think of the episode? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.