‘Star Wars Rebels’ Introduces Cowboy Jedi Voiced by Freddie Prinze, Jr.

Star Wars Rebels (1)

Star Wars Rebels has found itself a cowboy, a Jedi cowboy.

Today, Disney introduced Kanan, a survivor of the Emperor’s Jedi purge and a main character from the upcoming series set between the two Star Wars trilogies. After years of hiding underground Kanan is wading back into the fight against The Empire. Characterized by a quick wit, cowboy sensibilities and a penchant for carrying a blaster, Kanan is voiced by Freddie Prinze, Jr. (Scooby Doo). Although he still has a lightsaber, he doesn’t use because he afraid of being discovered. Check out the artwork and video below for a closer look at the character.

Does he sound a bit like Han Solo to you?

Star Wars Rebels is scheduled to premiere in fall 2014 as a one-hour special telecast on Disney Channel and will be followed by a series on Disney XD.

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