Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (ABC): 5 Reasons Why Fitz Would Make a Great Valentine

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Episode 8 The Well (5)

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us, and since I am Forever Single, I’m looking to television to find my perfect Valentine. (Yes, I am aware this might be my problem.) After careful consideration, I have settled on Leopold Fitz: twitchy, genius tech wizard. Why Fitz instead of say Ward or Coulson, you may ask? Well, Ward is…a beefcake, to put it nicely. Too many muscles, too serious, too pretty– the guy does nothing for me. As for Coulson, his immense charm can’t distract me from his whole “I was reconstructed by a Dr. Frankenstein robot” baggage. I’m not sure Hallmark makes a card for a man who was brought back from the dead against his will.

Besides, Fitz would be the best Valentine. Here’s why:

1. He wouldn’t go overboard.

Valentine’s Day is the most intense holiday of the year. Even Memorial Day has mattress sales to lighten the mood, but Valentine’s is all about either picking out the perfect gift or finding your soul mate immediately either in a dive bar or in the online version of a dive bar. Fitz is so wrapped up in his work that he wouldn’t spazz out and end up buying a hideous necklace, balloons and a giant bear. Instead he would pick out a card filled with puns, hand over some decent chocolates and then return to his tinkering. Or he might just create a gadget specifically for his giftee. Who wouldn’t want their own Night-Night Gun?

Later, there would be games on The Bus with the gang, barring any sort of Clairvoyant attack, of course.

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Episode 8 The Well (8)

2. He is a great best friend.

Fitz and Simmons go together better than peanut butter and jelly. His loyalty to his bestie knows no bounds. He would risk infection for her, jump out of a plane for her and put on a brave face for her even when he’s scared. Any guy who puts that much time into cultivating and maintaining a friendship is a keeper. It tells me he is a steady guy who values consistency and has outlets beyond the stereotypical relationship needs. Plus, it would also mean whatever girl he dated would get to hang out with Simmons, who is equally awesome.

3. He has a great sense of humor.

Fitz is a snark monster.

Here’s a secret: funny guys really do get the girls as long as they are actually funny. Fitz is hilarious. No situation is too dire for him to crack a joke. His ability to lighten the mood would lower the intensity level of Valentine’s and bring out the fun side of the holiday. Because there is a fun side. Just imagine Fitz cracking jokes about May and Ward behind their backs or attempting an ill-fated holiday prank. It would be a blast.

At the end of the arrow-shooting day, the Fitz experience might make for an unconventional Valentine’s Day, but aren’t those the ones we remember the most?

4. He appreciates food.

Fitz’s love of food means getting him a gift would be a cinch. Hook the man up with a rocking sandwich and his analytical heart would melt. Not only is the present cheap, it’s a DIY project, so there is the added pleasure of watching him enjoy your work. If he likes sandwiches chances are he likes cupcakes too. Throw one in on the side and Fitz would surely be a friend for life.

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Episode 6 F.Z.Z.T (2)

5. He is adorable.

Accent? Check. Rocks a skinny tie? Check. Adorable face? Triple check. Fitz defines geek chic. His face has personality instead of a chiseled jawline. He has doubts, he gets squirmy and needs his own space sometimes, but he also has a big heart, a bigger sense of humor and a gorgeous mind. Valentine’s Day isn’t about finding the “perfect” guy, it is about finding the perfect guy for you (or just hanging with your besties and eating cupcakes, but I’m working on a thesis here so stay with me) and by those standards Fitz is all kinds of perfect. For me at least.

Would you want Fitz to be your Valentine or would you choose another member of the team? (Before you make your final decision watch this.)

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