Switched at Birth Season 3 Review “Have You Really the Courage?”

Switched at Birth Season 3 Episode 1 Drowning Girl (8)

Last season, when John Kennish had his heart attack on Switched at Birth and went through his ‘epiphany’, we thought it spelled the beginning of a new and improved man, husband and father. In this episode, ‘Have You Really the Courage?’, however, we can see that isn’t so. Not only has he not subdued his more selfish tendencies or made an attempt to forgive his family for theirs, but now we can add foolish kissing decision to that list, with Nikki’s mother coming over to watch the game and leaving with a lot more guilt and shame than either of them probably bargained for.

Is this going to spell the end for John and Kathryn’s relationship? Something that Switched at Birth has done expertly over the seasons is to slowly pick away at their bond, already strained under the stress of the switch and subsequent court battle, and now might just be the time to finally address what their marriage has become. On teen shows with high school characters front and center, rarely does the storyline for the parents matter quite so much, but this depiction of a marriage flailing under impossible circumstances feels scarily real and honest.

And John’s indiscretion isn’t the only secret that Regina is going to have to hold on to in the coming weeks, as Sharee’s home situation becomes apparent to her and Daphne. Despite this entire storyline being strikingly ‘movie of the week’, with a character introduced just so she can highlight certain issues, that’s something that Switched at Birth usually gets away with. This show is so honest and pure-hearted, with well written characters that stay true to established characteristics, that seeing Daphne struggle with her promise to keep quiet about Sharee’s mother is far more compelling that it has any right to be.

Then there’s Bay and Tank’s flourishing relationship, which may just have been taken out of the friendzone in double quick time after Bay’s gentle rejection was followed by a gash to the hand and a very protective and caring art class partner. I thought it might just be because of residual Glee feelings, but Tank has really become one of favorite things about the show. That’s an achievement since, though I have always had mixed feelings about Emmett, I really, really didn’t want Ty to leave last season. I wonder how quickly these two will meet in the middle with their currently opposing feelings, and look forward to watching when they do.

What did you think of the episode? Should Nikki stay away or come home to her husband? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.