Lost Girl Season 4 Review “Let the Dark Times Roll”


The dark fae are running things on Lost Girl, and it looks like it will be a while before Bo figures out how to un-align herself. In last night’s episode, Bo went on a meandering quest to figure out a way to reverse her allegiance with the dark. Kenzi tagged a long, enjoying the walk on the wild side. Dyson was nowhere to be found and there was an awkward reunion between Bo and Lauren. It looks like we may have a break from Boren for a while, which works for me.

Lost Girl 3

The dark times are more slogging than rolling. Our Lost Girl isn’t really in her old fighting spirit. Even some of our best supporting characters have fallen are hard times. Vex and his fungus-coated hand are in a serious funk. The scene between him and Bo worked well for a couple of reasons. First, we got some more info on Vex’s background. He claims to have gone dark fae for self-preservation, which means he can’t be too evil at heart. Second, it was an emotional moment to have Bo encourage Vex that he was part of their ragtag family. It’s hard to know how much sank in, as Vex was fixated on removing his furry appendage. Since Bo rescued the hand and placed it in ice, perhaps Vex will have a chance to become whole again.

Lost Girl 2

At least we got some comic relief with the dance off with Tamsin. This was a missed opportunity, though. How much funnier would it have been if Bo was involved? Of course, that wouldn’t have been the battle she chose, but her participation would’ve given some much-needed levity to her character.

As for Lauren, it looks like her reunion with Bo is out the window for now. So sad (not really). Lauren says that she is choosing to be with the dark fae now because they offer her more freedom. Here’s a thought – don’t work with any fae and you can have all the freedom you want. Naturally, this will clear the way for Dyson and Bo to get back to business.

Lost Girl 4

I’m not sure where we’re going with the Una Mens. So evidently nobody is happy that they are in town. Their purpose is to enforce the laws – but what’s with the sudden urgency? We discovered Trick never joined their crew and now won’t be able to since his papyrus seed has been stolen. The Una Mens now have a new concern: Reiner. Reiner is the mystery person that co-signed for Bo when she joined the dark fae. In order to nullify that, Bo is going to have to find him. The Una Mens have the book that will help her, but have their own reason for not being happy about Reiner’s return. Is Reiner the Wanderer? Bo’s father? Let’s get this person out of the shadows already.

Lost Girl 1

One last thought as I’ve watched this season…I understand that Anna Silk recently had a baby and is getting back into the swing of things. But why does that mean she has to wear hideous Ren Faire clothes? Her wardrobe doesn’t scream sexy succubus.

We have lots of bits and pieces that need to start coming together.

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